Fire & Water – Dan Spiegle

Rob says a few words about the great comic book artist Dan Spiegle.

Fire & Water episode on Evanier and Spiegle’s Blackhawk:

Mark Evanier:

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7 responses to “Fire & Water – Dan Spiegle

  1. Nice little tribute episode, Rob.

    I’ve only read one issue from the Evanier/Spiegle Blackhawk–the amazing Warwheel story–but it was so good! That’s definitely a series/run I need to collect. Y’know, when I have so much free time. Aside from that, though, I’ve read a handful of his Nemesis stories from Brave and the Bold. Always solid stuff. Great artist.

  2. My Dan Spiegle story: One year at San Diego, I was talking to Mark Evanier about something we had discussed earlier on the old FIDONet, and Dan came up and waited patiently for our conversation to end. He and Mark had a meeting to get to, but he waited for a no-name fan to finish ranting about something pointless. I did get a chance to talk to him later that show, and apologized for taking up his time. He said something like “You guys are the reason we have jobs”, and signed my Crossfire #1.

    Crossfire was partly collected by Nat Gertler’s About Comics.

  3. Very nicely done Rob. Dan Spiegle is in good company in my mind. When I was a kid, I scoffed at his Nemesis back-ups. Boring, I thought. I put Spiegle in with artists I didn’t like,Kirby and Ditko among them. Then slowly, as my brain matured, I got it.

    Once my brain cooled, I thought of Spiegle as a similar stylist to Alex Toth, but Spiegle didn’t quite economize his line like Toth, and threw in more kinetic detail. When I go back and look at those Brave and the Bold issues, I often find myself going straight to the Nemesis back-ups, so I can see some “new” Spiegle I ignored before.


  4. Nice remembrance to an unsung master cartoonist. My personal favorites are those Nemesis back-ups; consistently excellent. It was a strong, varied career — thanks for posting this, Rob.

  5. Thanks for this Rob.
    I first knew of Spiegle from his Nemesis backup in Brave and Bold, one of few back-ups worth reading on its own. Great stuff.

    But I learned of his range when I saw his work on a Felicity focused Omega Men issue. Sci-fi and cheesecake.

    Great artist. Another legend lost.

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