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Episode 9 - Editor Sally Menke's PEACOCK with Special Guest Elizabeth Yng-Wong

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3 responses to “Fade Out – Sally Menke

  1. A Super episode and some amazing insights into the work of a film editor.
    My only even-remotely-close experience is of editing podcasts, and the thing that I find hardest is about cutting things, especially if it’s someone else’s dialogue. I’m nervous about cutting something out, even if I find it long winded, or if it doesn’t help the show’s narrative much, or if I don’t find it especially funny. I’m worried that if I cut it out, it’ll turn out to be the thing that my co-host was most proud of!
    In that regard, I like that the Editor is able to be both sympathetic to the directors vision and at the same time, an honest and independent viewer, able to retain the very best of the footage, enhancing the narrative and minimising the directors crazier indulgences! The Director / Editor relationship must be a very trusted one indeed in order to express the very best out of the directorial vision from a mass of raw footage.
    This conversation was a great peek behind the curtain of how a movie gets made – thank you Elizabeth & Rob for such a fascinating episode.

  2. Wow, what a great discussion. Ironically, I was editing a corporate video for my employer while listening to this episode. Now, I’m no Elizabeth Yng-Wong or Sally Menke by any stretch of the imagination, but I found the conversation fascinating. Editing is definitely something average moviegoers take for granted. I would say even movie fans (like myself) tend to overlook how much an editor can change the feel and flow of a film. I’ll certainly consider that more the next time I sit down to watch any movie.


  3. Thanks for the remarkable episode. Elizabeth brought some incredible insights into the world of editing. I, for one, can’t fathom how someone can take hours of film footage and stitch it all together into a coherent story. Though, I’m glad such people exist.

    Also, I would love more episodes highlighting the work of women in the industry.

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