FW Presents Disney’s Zorro Image Gallery

Guy Williams IS dapper Don Diego...and the cunning Zorro!

Uncle Walt and SOME Guy!

Gene Sheldon as Diego's faithful ally (and Zorro substitute) Bernardo.

Henry Calvin as the big-hearted (but not big-brained) Sgt. Garcia.

George J. Lewis as Diego's disapproving father, Don Alejandro.

Britt Lomond as Zorro's initial rival, the power-hungry Captain Montasario.

Zorro had some great guest stars...like a Pre-Kahn Montalban!!!

The stars of Zorro entertained throngs of folks at Disneyland with an awesome stunt show and parade!

The wonderfully painted poster for The Sign of Zorro compilation film!

Zorro was a merchandising phenomenon, nearly a decade before Bat-Mania!!!

The legendary Marx Zorro playset!

I'm playing this album over and over until Shag likes the theme song!

Assorted Zorro merchandise including the Ben Cooper costume!

From Chris' own collection, a Zorro illustrated young adult novel and figure with Tornado!