FW Presents: Find Your Joy: MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #2

On this special episode of FW Presents, Ryan Daly shares his first encounter with terror and reviews the origin of the Werewolf by Night from MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #2. Come for an embarrassing anecdote from Ryan’s childhood; stay for a classic tale of a monster’s curse!

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Music this episode: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson; “Dancing In the Moonlight (It’s Caught Me In its Spotlight)” by Thin Lizzy.

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7 responses to “FW Presents: Find Your Joy: MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #2

  1. Great episode Ryan! I now want you to cover this whole series. Get right on that.

    I’ve always liked this character, but honestly my exposure to the series proper is all over the place. I really need to track down the Essentials, or get the Marvel Unlimited app (finally) and follow along. Rob and I did cover that strange jumbled Power Records release which uses the first issue cover and parts of the comic, mixed with later issues and calls itself “Curse of the Werewolf”.

    Our werewolf origin stories are very similar. I was scarred for life by Lon Chaney, and you by Michael Jackson (I won’t make the usual hoary and distasteful jokes here). And eventually, the werewolf became my favorite, or at least the Wolf Man did, but I’m a sucker for Lycanthropes in general. And Frank Langella’s Dracula!


    1. At one time, the Werewolf by Night omnibus was going for a ridiculous amount (like $29) and I snapped one up. I think it is going ridiculous in the other extreme now that it is out of print.

      Don’t forget that Gerry Conway often had Spider-Man struggle with foes he should have taken out in about three seconds (Punisher, Hammerhead). Not to mention all those times that Hammerhead defeated Doc Ock.

      1. I preordered the WbN omnibus from In Stock Trades and got it for about half the normal price. I didn’t know it was out of print now, but I have seen the entire series has been collected in three full-color Epic collections now.

        And I got the MAN-THING omnibus for like $30 on Free Comic Book Day a couple years ago. 😀

  2. Great intro. I’m in tears laughing right now at all my wonderful childhood memories you brought back. It’s the little things in life that really make me happy. But if you wanna blame anyone for your PTSD, blame the source of the problem. And I don’t mean MJ. I mean Mom and Dad. Cuz the release of that music video just happened to coincide with our family’s purchase of our first ever TV with a remote control… this weird silver brick-shaped magic wand that somehow changed the channels without us having to move! What foul demon temptress invented such horrors? Because truth be told, without the remote control addition to our family viewing experience, I never would’ve been able to taunt and torment you. I was too lazy to keep getting up. And every time I would’ve tried, you’d have bolted into the hallway. But WITH said remote control in hand, I could also barely flinch a muscle and mute the sound thereby convincing you that it was over and you were safe to come back into the room, only to un-mute it and blast the roar and screams of Michael’s vicious were-cat attack just as you rounded the corner of the TV. So in essence, the true evil in your story is technology! Not me. I was just it’s vessel!

    1. Too bad I never read any NFL SUPERPRO comics or I could’ve told the story of us watching the Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl the day we moved into the house on Elizabeth Street.

      1. …and how i accidently taped about 4 hours of MTV (instead of the Superbowl) on our VCR because we had scrambled to set it up on time for the game while moving and didn’t reset the recording channel (we must’ve watched the game via the TV tuner, not the VCR tuner). >:(

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