FW Presents: Find Your Joy: Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Merry Christmas, Fire and Water Listeners! 'Tis the season for finding your joy, which means Ryan Daly and Kyle Benning reunite to discuss a favorite holiday special: Walt Disney's MICKEY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL. It's got Disney, Carl Barks, ghost stories, and Christmas; what's not to love about this animated classic from 1983, directed by Burny Mattinson, and featuring the voice talents of Alan Young, Wayne Alwine, Hal Smith, Will Ryan, and Eddie Carol, plus music by Irwin Kostal.

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4 responses to “FW Presents: Find Your Joy: Mickey’s Christmas Carol

    1. Me, too. Personally, I’ve never found Nash’s version hard to work out, although it may well be that he was not quite at his prime anymore (it was his last performance as Donald before his passing, and he was the only classic-era voice actor actually in Mickey’s Christmas Carol).

      I admit that I did find Anselmo a bit “off” when he took over, at least at first, but even there I never quite got the constant “what’d he say?” gag they’d use whenever Donald appeared in DuckTales.

  1. I haven’t seen this version of A Christmas Carol in decades. Thanks for reminding me that it’s still out there. I have to imagine that this was one of the earliest adaptations of the story that I ever watched.

  2. Well, that was a lot of fun! I think I have watched this nearly every year since it first came out, at least on TV. I don’t recall seeing The Rescuers re-release in theaters.

    When I did see it, I experienced deja vu, because I had a book and record version that came out years before the short. According to wikipedia, the album was released in 1974 (same year I was born) and features most of the same characters in the same Dickens roles, although the Ghost of Christmas Past is Merlin from The Sword and the Stone, and Christmas Future is the Witch from Snow White. The record is actually the first time Alan Young voices Scrooge McDuck, and he narrates the story.

    Someone has put it up on YouTube if anyone wants to give it a listen.

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