FW Presents – Meanwhile… #3

MEANWHILE... is back for a third installment, this time with Shag, Rob, Ryan, Derek William Crabbe, and Sean Ross discussing what they've been doing to find their joy during the enforced social distancing due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

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9 responses to “FW Presents – Meanwhile… #3

  1. Gentlemen~

    What a great idea for a show that falls under the heading of “Something I Didn’t Know I Needed”! Doing a check-in with your buddies about how each of you is finding his joy is absolutely a way one can find his joy. How meta of you guys to pull that off! Haha!

    In all seriousness, thank God for the technological times we live in because we have the capability to stay in contact with family and friends during this pandemic. Living alone as I do, if I didn’t have periodic doses of virtual game nights with my nerd friends or Zoom Happy Hours with work colleagues as well as regular contact with family throughout this mess, I would have cracked very quickly.

    Listening to you guys banter back and forth made me think back on the support my circle of friends has been to me and that I hope I’ve been to them. And, I feel such gratitude for those moments over the last few months.

    As for the specifics of the episode: I’m glad to hear Rob is feeling better after his back injury…and him doing a podcast hopped up on valium would be comedy gold. But, dude, TMI about your X-Files Friday Night tradition back in the day! Good grief! The series is creepy enough without that horrifying mental picture in my head while watching it. I kid, of course – it was a humorous (and understandable) explanation as to why you have little to no memory of the early seasons of the show.

    Shagg, I feel you about the disappointment over cancelled cons. The biggest, traditional cons closest to me in Ocean City and Baltimore have been some of my personal highlights of past years, but both have been brushed aside by Covid-19. There is also a really cool open-air festival style comic convention here in Delaware at the state capital which pretty much takes over the entirety of downtown, and it too, unsurprisingly, was cancelled. Here’s hoping it will be one mega-celebration once we nerds are able to gather once again in person, geek gear and social awkwardness on full display.

    At the risk of going on too long (too late!), I really liked hearing what you guys are reading and watching on your own. Some really wonderful suggestions here I’ll have to put in my orbit pretty soon. Glad to hear all of you are doing well and in good spirits!

  2. Whoah! Rob Kelly After Dark! You save that filth for Gemser shows!

    Speaking of finding your joy, this was fantastic! Congrats Sean on your workout regimen and for being funny! I had no idea you were shedding the pounds! I need to do that myself.

    Also, where was the Transfomers talk? Three of the bigggest G1 fans out there and barely a lick of TF! WTF I say to that!

  3. Hm, my wife and I definitely didn’t follow the watch something you know and/or comfortable mold. We just recently finished watching Broen/Bron (The Bridge) a Danish/Swedish Nordic noir show (definitely recommend it even if you have to have subtitles), I’ll Be Gone in the Dark from HBO, and The Umbrella Academy (don’t know what it says that in the last 2 months except for what we watched with our son this is the “light” show).

  4. I have to say that not being at any cons has really put another layer of sadness on this already heavy season.

    That said, my life is a little more free now and I hope to travel to a con rather than just stick to local ones. So when the group decides on the next con to gather at, keep me in the loop!

  5. It was great to hear how you guys are trying to keep your joy during these difficult times. Even though it’s over the airwaves, I’m glad you could still get together even though you all wanted to be at Dragon Con during this time. You had some great recommendations that I can’t wait to check out!

    Congratulations to Sean for losing that weight! It’s great to hear that by doing a little bit every day, it can lead to some big results! Well done!

    Ryan, I wish you and your son all the best and I wish that things will turn out for the best. I wish I could do more to help as you and your shows have helped me over the years.

    Finally, my X-Files routine was not as fun as Rob’s (or Ryan’s, for that matter)! I, too, also blocked out time to watch X-Files on Friday (and then Sunday) nights while all my classmates went out partying but that was usually followed by old Universal Monster movies or playing video games on the SNES or Dreamcast. I don’t know who had the better time, but I think we all know the answer to that…….

  6. I don’t quite get Rob After Dark. Didn’t he say it was X Files THEN Nookie? So why does he not recall X Files stuff… distracted by the anticipation?
    Anyroadup, great show again, and a huge Well Done to Sean for showing how it can be done. And Mrs Sean too.

    Good luck with Rhys’ latest challenge, Ryan; we know he has will power to spare, and with you and Angela supporting him, and expert help as necessary, he’ll get there. My younger brother had to go to a speech therapist for a couple of years, he likewise wasn’t sounding whole words. It was sorted and he’s not shut his gob since 1973… Hug your wee man for us!

    I’m interested by all the love for Hickman scripts, I keep trying his series then, after a few issues, am driven away by the slowness of things, and the way he wastes two pages an issue on title spreads. I did like HoX/Pox, but once the regular titles started, it became too sprawling. Also, he made pretty much everyone a horrible person or a citizen of Stepford. I got tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    I love Doom Patrol and Stargirl too but gave up on Harley Quinn after ten minutes – it seemed to be nothing but sweary violence.

    One day I’m going to watch a Toy Story film, I do have Disney+. Had it for months and only watched Candleshoe, and Encore, a terrific series in which kids who put on a high school musical are reunited decades later to mount it again. It’s fascinating and touching, except for scenes in which a Broadway director has everyone imagine they’re talking to their teenage selves, then it’s embarrassing, self-indulgent pap.

    Anyway, I’m fine, still working from home but, after two cancelled holiday cruises (I was meant to be on a trip to NY, Boston and Canada’s Maritime Provinces this very week), one cancelled press cruise to Iceland and two cancelled press trips to Cumbria, Steve and I have finally escaped Scotland – we’re in Milan on a city break. It’s too darn hot.. but lovely!

  7. It was great to check-in with everyone, and hear how all of you are doing.

    The Lintons are doing as well as can be expected. My wife’s been busy landscaping our yard, that is, until she sprained her ankle yesterday. My daughter just started school on Monday. She’s going 100% remote. I’m still working from home, and am just wrapping up the busiest part of my work year (which is why this comment is so late in coming). Like Sean and others, I’ve been able to use the last few months to drop a few unnecessary pounds.

    I’ve also been taking the time to add some cultural diversity to my science fiction/fantasy reading, including Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys, Octavia Butler’s Fledgling, and NK Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. For comic books, I’ve been keeping up with the current Aquaman and Justice League titles, as well as reading some Who’s Who. Finally, I’ve been revisiting one my favorite video game series of all time, the Myst series. I’ve managed to complete Myst and Riven, and have just started into Myst: Exile. I’d forgotten how much I loved those puzzle/adventure games.

  8. A lot of this was stuff before the pandemic. It has affected how much of different things I can do and when. I have been able to up my exercise and I think find a nice place for when things go “back to normal”. I’ve had some days at home where I could have fun with cooking, though since summer that has been a lot less. But otherwise non work related stuff

    The Fire and water podcast network shows (obviously) otherwise

    99% invisible
    Against the Rules with Michael Lewis
    Alternative Radio
    America if You’re Listening (use to be Russia if You’re Listening)
    Cautionary Tales
    Code Switch
    Consider this fromNPR
    Coronacast (ABC Australia)
    Counter Spin
    Decoder Ring
    Fresh Air
    Future Perfect
    Latino USA
    Living on Earth
    National Native News
    On the Media
    RN Presents
    Slow Burn
    The Overstory (Sierra Club)
    The Red Nation Podcast
    The United States of Anxiety
    The Weeds
    This American Life
    Trump, Inc.


    Mother Jones
    Yes! Magazine
    Mother Earth News

    Azincourt :Bernard Cornwall
    Hornblower and the Hotspur
    The Commitments
    Millionaire: The Philanderer, Gambler, and Duelist Who Invented Modern Finance
    JSA (the run starting in 1999)
    The Curse of Capistrano (not sure why this was a recent read;)

    However some of the things I haven’t been able to do is go to Museums, movies, and see family on my side. Last time I was in the States was Christmas and who knows the next time I will be able to make it to the States.

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