FW Presents: Read Along With Rhys 2

Episode 2: ANT-MAN

Continuing a series of micro-episodes with one purpose: raising Ryan Daly's son to be just as big a superhero geek as his old man. This time: A Little Golden Book: Marvel's Ant-Man.

What do you think? Is Ryan ruining his son's hope for a so-called normal life already? Leave a comment or send an email to: RDalyPodcast@gmail.com.

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16 responses to “FW Presents: Read Along With Rhys 2

  1. Great lyrics to the Ant-Man theme song. I’d say it gives the old Spider-Man theme a run for its money.

    Also, I’m not ashamed to say that I like the Ant-Man movie. I found I really related to Scott, because my daughter is about the same age as his in the movie, not because I’ve done time or have incredible shrinking powers (despite whatever rumors you may have heard).

      1. Not everyone. Everyone in my immediate circle hated it. My wife hated it so much that when Ant-Man appeared during Civil War she asked if we could fast forward around his scenes. My best friend threw his movie ticket on the ground and said it was worse than Thor 2 – something he thought was near impossible. The other reviewers at my junket all said they felt like they had to lie about how bad it was. So no, I’m not the only one.

          1. In true contrarian fashion, I walked out fifteen minutes into the movie and hung out in the lobby for about a half hour. I only came back because my ride was still in the theater.

  2. As Rhys’s grandma, I️ hoped he didn’t have to hear yet alone be a part of the discussion of the asshole word so soon. However, I️ will never tire of and always enjoy hearing my son reading to his son. ❤️ Keep them coming!

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