FW Presents: Read Along With Rhys 3


Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi begins here! Young Rhys takes his first step into a larger galaxy when his father, Ryan Daly, reads to him from A Little Golden Book: Star Wars: A New Hope.

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5 responses to “FW Presents: Read Along With Rhys 3

      1. Rhys’ innocence is so precious, and it’s gone the minute he sees Jar Jar, because he will then know what Crushing Disappointment feels like. Someone tell Angela to take/regain control over at the Daly household!

  1. As a nerd with two sons of my own, I found the line of, “Don’t rip these pages. You need to cherish this forever. This is art, dammit!” to be absolutely perfect. It brings back some great memories of my younglings. Well done!

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