FW Presents: Showcase Gene Colan: DRACULA

It may not be October, but times are certainly scary, and on this episode of FW Presents, Ryan Daly brings the terror to SHOWCASE GENE COLAN. First, Ryan performs an arcane ritual to resurrect Greg Araujo from podcast death, and then they confront the horror of TOMB OF DRACULA #1, the Marvel magazine that spun off of the legendary comic book series of the same name. Will Marv Wolfman's story leave Ryan and Greg cold and lifeless, or will the delicious black and white art of Gene Colan and Bob McLeod be the ray of sunlight that saves them? Tune in to find out!

Throughout his life, Gene Colan brought his truly unique art style to the pages of Batman, The Tomb of Dracula, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, The Avengers, Howard the Duck, Doctor Strange, The Spectre, and so many others. What issues will Ryan chronicle on this podcast? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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Intro: Gene Colan interview from “The Men Without Fear”; “The Vampire Hunters” by Wojciech Kilar.

Additional music: “Main Titles & The Storm (from Dracula)" by John Williams; "Love Bites (So Do I)" by Halestorm.

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2 responses to “FW Presents: Showcase Gene Colan: DRACULA

  1. I have the first two Essential volumes of Tomb of Dracula, but I could never find the the third. I really, REALLY enjoyed what I read of the series, as I had only sampled issues here and there prior to getting these 10 or so years ago.

    I don’t think I would way Wolfman’s rep is based on his association with great artists. Sure, it’s bolstered by it, but the same can be said for any comic writer. He has written plenty of comic gems that would stand on their own as prose. “Who Is Donna Troy?” would work as a novella, aside from Perez’s wonderful artwork, as would the Judas Contract.

    I think you guys are right about how Wolfman’s situation at Marvel was probably why this run of Tomb in magazine form was half-hearted. I think I recall reading that Wolfman really wanted to consider the end of the Tomb comic the end of his Dracula, but Marvel wanted a new B&W Dracula mag to tie into the upcoming feature films (which are featured on the cover) and Wolfman figured he’d rather do it than to see someone screw it up. It’s why he stuck on New Titans so long during it’s horrid post Titans Hunt period as well.

    Nice to hear Greg back in the saddle. Any man who suffered through Secret Wars II for our entertainment deserves all the accolades I can give him.


  2. Impressive pod cast. Most Impressive. Ah Gene on his best known comic. Looks like it was a cool comic art wise. You may be right Marv seems to be good with being teamed with good artists. Still I don’t know Sam and Gary make a good couple. Heck after being torn up by rats he reaches for the bibble to save him and Sam. Though a lot of this is based on 70s horror movies. So it wasn’t all Hammer level of greatness. So this could fit. If fixed a bit.

    But, the Titans happens after this. A lot more Perez than Marv I think sorry. Still was good to see him on the Flash tv show. Though this comic kind of patch worked the 2 stories together. Probly to plots Marv have planed, but he was leaving so he peace mailed them together.

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