FW Presents the Fire and Water Network's review of THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER. Join Ryan Daly, Chris Franklin, and the Irredeemable Shag as they discuss the 2021 Disney+ series from Marvel Studios that continues the saga of Captain America after Avengers: Endgame. What did the guys think of the cast of characters, the legacy of the shield, the action, the socio-political commentary and timeliness of the story; and where should they go from here? Tune in and find out!

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6 responses to “FW Presents: THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER Review

  1. Enjoyed this recap/review of the show. I was mixed on TFATWS at the beginning, but I think it got better over the course of the six episodes. I think *maybe* the final episode got a little too speech-y, but that’s a small nitpick, considering. It was gutsy for them to work in the Kyle Baker Cap mini series here, that was genuinely surprising to me.

    And while I do appreciate the show showing such fidelity to the comics, Sam needs a new uniform, stat. That Cap/Falcon hybrid just does not work. I think it’s the mask/open ears/head combo.

  2. I agree with Rob on all points here, and with most of your comments as well (good support of the costume, but it looks too much like sports gear, and yes, Rob has it, goggles would look better than cut-off tube sock mask).

    The weakness early for me is that it felt like guest-star of the week – somebody shows up, plays with the duo for about an episode then leaves, especially the middle there with Agent 13 and the Wakandans. I know this is how the CW shows operate (a mix of old and new guest-stars keep showing up), but they’ve got many more episodes a season to play with. I knew it would all come together in the end, and it did, but I did get a little tired of that element while watching. My other criticism was that some of the early “bitchy” banter between the two stars felt indulgent – padded improvs that weren’t particularly funny to me and held up the story.

    Beyond that, lots of great action (especially up front), and the show definitely felt relevant within its themes. Whoever said Sam was now the most developed of the MCU heroes is dead on the money. I liked him in the Cap/Avengers films (in a way that I never warmed to War Machine in a similar supporting role), but now he’s in my top 5 across the entire mega-franchise.

    At the end of this, there was so much set up that I wasn’t surprised when someone mentioned the Cap 4 announcement later that day, but that was in the rush to the end (the Sharon reveal, Walker’s new job, etc.) and I didn’t get that feeling throughout like I did with WandaVision. The two leads each completed their arc very nicely thank you.

    And that YOU for tackling so quickly, though I expect a lot of potential listeners have lagged behind on their viewing and will only show up for it later.

  3. I thought the MAIN writing was very good.
    I did’nt care but they blew “who is the Power Broker? mystery. As I said they blew it bad enough so I Was’nt sure I was’nt supposed to know.

  4. I wanted to like the show, but it just didn’t do it for me. There were great moments, but for me it tried too hard to check the boxes. I agree about the writing, it was too uneven. A few thoughts:

    A) Zemo was a waste in the show. He shouldn’t have been included if they were going to use him so badly.
    B) Any time the Wakandans show up, I want more of them. And that didn’t happen.
    C) I liked the overall work they did with Sam and Bucky. Too bad they didn’t infuse that into the side characters more.
    D) USAgent was rushed, and I agree with Shagg that it’s ludicrous that he was accepted at the end so quickly. I do like the contrast to Sam that when he couldn’t compete, he took the easy way out and took the serum. He never did the work, so to speak. It again proves why he wasn’t ever Captain America.
    E) Sharon Carter as Power Broker was telegraphed so hard I thought it was a misdirect. I agree that Sharon Carter is a Skrull and the real Sharon is up in space with Fury.
    F) Isaiah Bradley scenes were very powerful and well done.
    G) The Captain America costume needs to be upgraded, agreed. But, Like everything American, it is a work in progress.

    Overall, I would give it a “C.” It wasn’t the worst, it wasn’t the best.

  5. I think this was my favorite show… movie quality stuff that forced me to wake up at 3 am to watch the episodes as they dropped/ Walker and Zemo stole the show.

  6. “In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.” –
    Angela Y. Davis

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