FW Presents: Turn It On With Tracy #1: The 2018 Olympics


Rob gives Tracy a few weeks off from horror movies to watch (and talk about) one of their favorite things, the 2018 Olympics!

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12 responses to “FW Presents: Turn It On With Tracy #1: The 2018 Olympics

  1. I’m glad to hear the love for snowboarding. I can’t imagine doing it but I’ve always enjoyed the extreme sports (and X-Games) but I’m with Tracy on really appreciating the skill required it but I don’t have much time to sit and watch.

    It is nice to see America win though it’s always nice to see the fantastic athletes from other countries justly win.

  2. “I can’t throw a book in the air without getting tired, let alone a whole woman” – Tob.

    Very fun episode! Cindy and I usually watch some of the winter games, but haven’ this year. She loves the Ice Skating. I first remember watching in 1984 when it was in LA (I think?). I even had a stuffed version of the eagle mascot!


  3. Great idea for an episode! My wife and I have been watching the Winter Games most nights, though we tend to favor the Summer Olympics, because we were both competitive swimmers back in the day.

    My favorite moment from these Olympics, so far, has to be Shaun White’s comeback in the halfpipe. That one was an emotional nail-biter.

    I hope you both enjoy the rest of the games.

  4. My wife was hospitalised with an severe infection last Thursday and kept in till Monday. The thing that made it bearable for her was being able to see the Olympic coverage every day and the odd visit from me and our son.

  5. We have a digital antenna pretty much just for watching the Olympics, as we really do not ever want to pay for cable ever again. I got a new one this time around, as our new house is in more of a rural area, and it has worked out really well. I’ve always liked the Olympics, even though I’ve never been a huge fan of sports otherwise. This was a great episode: it was nice to hear Tracy get a break from the horror movies, but also nice to hear her make a reference to “The Shining.” :)

  6. If you’re interested in the psychology of ski jumpers, check out the movie Eddie the Eagle. And then think about the fact Cool Runnings is going on in the background. Calgary had the best underdog stories.

    Sorry to bring it back to movies 😉

  7. So if Chris and Cindy Franklin are the premiere couple of the Fire and Water Network, does that make Rob and Tracy the Mertzes to the Franklins’ as the Ricardos? Or are Rob and Tracy the Jerry and Millie to the Franklin’s Rob and Laura Petrie?

  8. I’m old enough to remember the 1972 Olympics too. I remember the footage on ABC (I think?) as they discussed the guerillas attacking the Olympic village. It was the first time I’d heard the term “guerillas”, so my then-7 year old brain went to gorillas. At that age, having been on a steady diet of Planet of the Apes and DC comics, anything was possible. I remember looking for gorillas and wondered why they only showed guys in military gear. A funny moment for the horrible event.

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