Coming soon to The Fire and Water Podcast Network: Siskoid teams up with various podcasters to cover the best and the craziest heroic team-ups of our time! Marvel Team-Up! The Brave and the Bold! Marvel Two-in-One! DC Comics Presents! And it doesn't stop there! Because justice, my friends, justice is a team effort!

Listen to the Team-Up below, or subscribe to FW Team-Up on iTunes!

This podcast is a proud member of the FIRE AND WATER PODCAST NETWORK.

Season 1 begins on July 1st - Canada Day!

5 responses to “FW Team-Up PROMO

  1. GREAT idea for a show! Can’t wait for this one. Another podcast I will have to find a way to shoehorn into my schedule. Obviously the Fire and Water Network wants to make sure I have absolutely no free time at all.

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