FW Presents: 2018 at the Movies

oHOTmu or NOT’s Siskoid and Nathalie go to the movies a lot, so they kind of have to podcast about it. Leading to their Top 10 films of the year, they take us through all the 2018 releases they saw in theaters. So get yourself some pop corn and sit back.

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7 responses to “FW Presents: 2018 at the Movies

  1. Well, I didn’t see nearly as many films as you two, but I did see quite a few. And I have to say I didn’t see a dud in the bunch.

    Christopher Robin really got to me in a way I didn’t expect. As a big kid with a houseful of toys, that shouldn’t seem surprising, but at the time I saw it in the theater I had just had a change in my job where I now have a 2 hour commute each day, vs. the previous 30 minutes max it used to take me. So the stress of work and feeling somewhat disconnected from my “inner child” was pretty relatable at that moment. It’s a great film, and I will admit to getting misty-eyed during it.

    The first time we saw a trailer for “Into the Spider-Verse”, everyone in my family asked “Are we seeing a 3D movie? Do we need glasses?”. The visuals are stunning, but yeah, they may have pushed it just a bit TOO far. I did see a sign on a theater door warning about seizures and nausea. Of course that one scene in The Incredibles 2 also caused some issues too, apparently.

    Fun show!!! I now have some more films to look out for and sample.


  2. Fun show guys. I am impressed at the sheer number of films viewed, makes me recall my salad days when I would go to the theater every weekend, because there was always SOMETHING to see.

    IIRC this wasn’t touched on during the show, but for smaller films how well versed are you before choosing to see any of them? Obviously with something like Avengers IW, you know what you’re signing up for, but do you do a lot of research on a movie before selecting it, or is it sometimes like throwing a dart at a board? Some of the best filmgoing experiences I have ever had was when I knew almost nothing about the film I was about to see. Of course, all of these were pre-internet, when just doing research was a lot tougher. Nowadays I would probably not allow myself such ignorance simply out of habit.

    I watch a lot of movies at home via the 17 streaming services I pay for per month, perhaps I should do a “year end wrap up” show myself, because I quite enjoyed this series of quick hits.

    1. First, I thought THESE were your salad days.

      Second, choosing movies is a skill like any other. You get better with practice. Rotten Tomatoes is a good indicator for us, because we tend to think like critics, but it’s not just the score. You can tell by the “consensus” just what opinions to discount and which to trust. Knowing a film’s DNA is important too. Some actors make good choices, some don’t. What has the director done previously? And sometimes there’s hearsay. Nath’s boyfriend Marty is a horror guru, and has his ear to the ground when it comes to that genre. I tend to follow indie film news, so some titles pop out that way (though are less likely to come to our venues). And I’ve always had an innate sense of what was good and not so good based on the slimmest of information, it’s served me well.

  3. Thank you for putting together this year-in-review episode. Your movie lists made me aware of some interesting sounding films that I missed in the theaters.

    Your discussion also made me reflect, in particular, on the movies I saw with my daughter this year. Her two favorite movies were probably Teen Titans Go! To the Movies and Mary Poppins Returns. Teen Titans Go! was not a big surprise, because she loves the show and has a subscription to the comic book. Interestingly, she’s decided that she like Mary Poppins Returns more than the original Mary Poppins, which she’s seen a couple of times on DVD. The other thing that struck me was that the music from both of those films seemed to play a big part in her enjoyment of them. After seeing each of those movies, she spent a good deal of time learning the tunes and lyrics to her favorite songs from them.

    Sounds like there are lots of interesting films on the horizon for 2019, so I’m already looking forward to next year’s review episode.

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