Cancelled Podcast Cavalcade Supplemental

Here are the relevant images from this episode of FW Presents!

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Batman Panel by Panel, featured panels:

Funky's Big Rat Code:

Credits (who to blame):
Coordination and editing: Siskoid
Batman Panel by Panel: Siskoid and Ryan Daly
Botcast: Xum Yukinori
What's That Movie?: Siskoid, Isabel Goguen and Amelie Montour
Sonic Probe: The Irredeemable Shagg
Silent Pinions: The Jericho and Northwind Podcast: Xum Yukinori
Up with the Forever People: Rob Kelly
Half-Time: Xum Yukinori
Color Wheel with Art-Girl: Siskoid and Josée Robichaud
Funky Flashman's Big Rat Podcast: Xum Yukinori
Fire and Water Podcast Action Figure Collection Series 2 : Chris Franklin

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