FW Presents: Mountain Comics Ep. 1 – Alpha Flight #40


Rob kicks off a series of episodes taking a look at his beloved “Mountain Comics”, books bought on Pocono Mountains vacations in the the 70s and 80s. The Irredeemable Shag joins him to discuss ALPHA FLIGHT #40 (Nov. 1986) by Bill Mantlo, David Ross, and Whilce Portacio!

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10 responses to “FW Presents: Mountain Comics Ep. 1 – Alpha Flight #40

  1. I love Rob-bot’s approximation of human behavior. “Yeah, that is crazy.” Keep wishing for that emotion chip, little buddy! You’ll be a real boy, yet!

  2. I enjoyed this episode it reminded me of my childhood. My family would travel by a VW van and I sat in the back part of it during the entire trip. My dad would buy me comics at the rest stops, usually the ones that had three comics in a bag, so it was very random. The worst was getting an Archie comic and after reading through it to the end and discovering it was a religious Archie. My favorite were Sgt. Rock comics.

  3. Shagg, if you ever wanted to start an Alpha Flight podcast, Jerry McMullen (co-host of ‘the Marvel Saga’) is a big A.F. fan, too. Just think: ‘the Maple Syrup Super-Hero Action-Adventure Hour!’

  4. I didn’t have Mountain Comics, because poverty, but we moved around so much in Houston and surrounding areas (plus the odd far distant states) that my comic purchases were impacted by whatever the nearest convenience store carried. That said, I tended to have access to Alpha Flight and chose not to buy it more often than not. However, I did have an issue proximal to this one by the same basic creative team thanks to the great randomizer that was grocery story 3-packs. Also, I enjoyed wild card offerings in uncommon settings, like that one Safeway that stocked Now Comics, or the Circle K with Continuity.

  5. I wish I liked Mantlo’s run more than I did, because I really do rate him today. Perhaps it’s worth the revisit. Conversely, I don’t rate Byrne as highly as I did back in the day.

    Feels like FW’s Canadian contingent owes the network more Alpha Flight content. Well, maybe some day. They’re few and far between in OHOTMU, but look for Alpha to show up on FW Presents in the future.

    What the episode really makes me think about is what my equivalent of Mountain Comics might be. Because I’ve always jumped around stores, whether in my home town or on vacation, there is no one location that stands out. Perhaps it’s about early books I remember buying and reading (perhaps over and over again) at the time. Perhaps it’s about tracking down those big french Jumbos I’ve talked about before or rather the stories translated within.

    The nostalgia is strong in this one, and infectious.

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