FW Presents: Mountain Comics #19 – For Your Eyes Only #2


To kick off the third thrilling season of Mountain Comics, Rob welcomes The Yard Sale Artist Jarrod Alberich to the cabin to discuss FOR YOUR EYES ONLY #2, the concluding chapter of Marvel Comics' adaptation of the 1981 James Bond film!

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8 responses to “FW Presents: Mountain Comics #19 – For Your Eyes Only #2

  1. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY is one of a few James Bond movies I’ve never seen, so it’s sad to hear it’s so highly regarded by you and Jarrod. A few months ago I started going through every 007 movie in order while listening to Jarrod and his pals discuss the movies on On Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast: Rookie Agents. I made it as far as THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (my current favorite) before Netflix dropped all the bond movies, so there are still a handful of Roger Moore installments I’ve yet to see.

    Of course, if and when I ever do see FYEO, I’ll skip the first hour, in tribute to the comic book adaption which doesn’t exist.

    Great episode, guys! You made me want to watch HOT FUZZ again.

  2. I haven’t seen FYEO in decades. Bond movies were a must watch on the “ABC Sunday Night Movie”. I know this isn’t what really happened, but it seemed like ABC alternated between Bond and Superman movies.

    Vince Colletta by this point had totally given up on any artistic integrity (which he did have once upon a time) and was just cranking out pages as the LIving Eraser. I would be honked off if I was Chaykin. I know Mike Grell hated having him as an inker on Warlord, and who can blame him?

    Love the ideas for using Dalton as Bond again. Great show fellas!


  3. I have to echo Martin. This podcast is my only experience with this film/comic. But, I love Mountain Comics! Sure, I’m a nostalgist, so what! I frequently fondly recollect my early days of buying comics, and the joy I found in the hunt and acquisition of same.
    A now a word in defense of Vince Coletta. Chris, you are much too harsh. I just took another look at the pages provided in the gallery post. Coletta has inked textures into the sweaters of the hockey players, the fabrics on other clothes, and much more facial shadowing than he usually i employed. There is depth to almost all the panels, middle ground and background, as well as architectural details, like the several broken windows on the warehouse. To my eyes, it doesn’t look as if Chaykin gave him a lot to work with. The action is not particularly smooth, and the POV changes a lot. The page posted where Bond throws the guy out of the window is not a well-choreographed page at all. Chaykin is (was?) an impressive stylist of comic book illustration, but that stylistic elan is rarely evident in his work on licensed properties, c.f. Star Wars.

  4. I never knew FYEO #1 didn’t exist. Thanks to you guys for pointing it out. I must be crazy, then, because I would swear I saw one in my collection.

    I wonder how Marvel decided how many issues an adaptation was going to get. Two issues doesn’t seem like a lot, especially since Star Wars got six. I wish Marvel would have done this as a treasury, just so we would have gotten a Bond treasury. Do you think the reason Octopussy didn’t get a mini-series and only got the Super Special treatment is because the title would never have gotten past the comics code?

    As for FYEO, it is a very entertaining movie, and was the first Bond movie since OHMSS that actually was based on Fleming’s writing. For those who didn’t know, the plot is a combination of two of the five short stories in the book For Your Eyes Only. Connery is my favorite Bond, but I think FYEO is my 2nd favorite Roger Moore Bond and the best Bond movie between 1977 and 2006. Spy Who Loved Me is my favorite Moore film. All you guys that are saying you haven’t seen FYEO….stop reading my comment and go watch it!

    Rob, glad to see that Mountain Comics is back. My family went to Panama City Florida for our vacations, so I know all about loading up on comics for a vacation read. I always got mine at a store in Panama City called the Carousel.

  5. I do not have the comic format or magazine format — I have the Marvel paperback version of this, picked up years ago at one of the used book stores here in the Upstate.


    For Your Eyes Only was actually one of the last pre-Brosnan Bond movies I saw — my father had introduced me to the Connery films when I was a kid, and I discovered the Moore films on television in the early 90s. For a while, when TBS routinely showed the Bond films during their “13 Days of 007” (or however many days it was that year), FYEO was not shown frequently compared to the other Moore films. So I did not actually see the film in toto until I bought it on VHS in high school.

    If I had to pick a writer and penciller to do a James Bond strip, Larry Hama and Howard Chaykin would be right near the top of the list. It’s not perfect by any stretch, but it has great novelty value for me, especially only discovering it as an adult in a used book store. Anyway, I pulled out my paperback to read again after seeing this episode on the feed, so thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Weirdly, I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen the second issue of this mini-series. Picked up #1 out of a quarter bin at a flea market in the mid-to-late ’80s, and have seen many more over the years. I went to a two-for-a-buck sale at a local comic shop recently that had at least a half-dozen copies of #1 only. Maybe it was a regional distribution thing?

    The actual comic did not inspire any great desire to track down #2. I’m one of the few Vince Colletta defenders, at least over Kirby on Thor, but he sure as hell Colleta’d this thing. I think I saw the movie on it’s broadcast debut, and it’s certainly one of the best Bonds. Mmm, Sheena Easton…

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