FW Presents: Mountain Comics #24 – Savage Sword of Conan #118


Rob welcomes his pal, author/actor/composer Lucien Desar to the cabin to discuss the rip-roaring black and white magazine SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #118, featuring the stories "Valley of Howling Shadows" by Larry Yakata and Gary Kwapisz, and "Alchemy" by Don Kraar and Tony Salmons! Crom, you might want to hide this episode away from your parents!

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6 responses to “FW Presents: Mountain Comics #24 – Savage Sword of Conan #118

  1. As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion.
    And yes, Lucien’s story about how he faced down his school principal is epic. Since I went to a Catholic elementary school from grades 1 through 8, I can relate to teachers who did not approve of comics – but that pretty much went for any comic, even Spidey Super Stories, and if we kept them in our desks in class, we ran the risk of getting them confiscated (and any black & white magazine, esp. something like Savage Sword, would have prompted a call to parents). Needless to say, I never would have had the courage to face down our school principal (always a nun) like that.

    1. Oh, yeah: Conan vs. Rambo is pretty epic, despite its brief duration – which I understand. Filming in sequence because there was no hope of post-production must have been pretty arduous.

  2. What a fun and joyous episode! I loved the principal story, and you know I’m going to check out Conan vs. Rambo! Loved the music at the end! I was hoping you were going to go there.

    I seem to remember Savage Sword and the various other Marvel B&W magazines being in the top, back tier behind the comics at my local haunt, Eastside Pharmacy. I never bought any, mostly because I guess I knew they were somewhat “forbidden”. I did get to read a handful of my then brother-in-law’s at some point. VERY enlightening!

    My friends and I ALMOST made a Batman home movie in 1988. One friend had picked up some kind of old film home movie camera (like a Super 8, I think) at a flea market. I was going to be Batman, and my friend was going to be the Joker while his brother directed and filmed. We did location scouting, had a script written, had the songs picked (mostly Guns N’ Roses) and were working on costumes… but we could never find any film. Our town had NONE. So the film went unmade. Sigh.


  3. Oh, man! Watching Conan vs Rambo reminds me of when my best friend and I worked on our own version of The Dark Crystal, after seeing it together in the theater. I don’t remember how far we got in our production, but I’m pretty sure we built some props, and rehearsed some scenes. Regardless, nothing ever made it to film. Perhaps, that’s because we put it on as a play, rather than trying to make our own movie. Then again, we simply may have gotten distracted when Return of the Jedi came out the following year.

    I enjoyed the Conan movies as a kid, when they replayed on TV (my parents would never have taken me to see them in the theater), but never picked up any of the comics. So, it was nice to learn more about the Savage Sword series here. Thanks for another fine episode.

    1. Not Starfire for me, but Mary Jane. Her bikini looks so 80s. Remember that Marvel Team Up where Red Sonja comes to the present and MJ fades to somewhere, or somewhen, else…the story never explained where MJ went. Maybe she wound up in Conan’s time and that’s her on the cover. Of course, in the MTU, MJ didn’t have on a bikini and it took place in the 70s, but….way to shoot holes in my own theory.

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