FW Presents: Those Wonderful Toys #6


Chris welcomes fellow Network All-Star Rob Kelly to talk about one of the most unusual toy lines ever produced–M*A*S*H action figures!

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17 responses to “FW Presents: Those Wonderful Toys #6

  1. Is the blonde Hawkeye figure the exact same figure as the vehicle drivers? Or is there a chance the alternate Hawkeye is meant to be Donald Sutherland?

  2. Summer School figures – I wonder if anyone has pitched that to that Lenzi fellow….

    I remember being so confused when I saw the MASH line at a store. But I really wanted those vehicles and that playset for my Joes.

    I wonder is the MASH giant set was one of those Two Christmases toys like the FLAGG playset. I really hoped my parents would split up in thinking they’d try to buy my love with an aircraft carrier.

  3. Loved this episode!! Thanks for covering the Sunday spot while I did my community service hours.

    Those figures sound insane!! I want that Klinger figure now! If we got these, we should have got some HAPPY DAYS figures with Fonzie in his shark jumping outfit! And don’t tease me, Chris with talk of MISFITS OF SCIENCE figures!! Want those!!

    Looking forward to Rob’s eventual MASH podcast and more episodes of THOSE WONDERFUL TOYS! If you need anyone to talk about Doctor Who figs, Total Justice, or Ultraforce, you know where to find me!

    1. Well, Mego made a few 8″ Happy Days figures back in the 70s, and then the folks that eventually became Figures Toy Company released their own tribute line about 10 years ago, including a shark-jumping Fonzie!

      Total Justice will have to happen…eventually! The roid rage cannot be denied!!!


  4. Hopefully the fact that I don’t own any M*A*S*H action figures, tchotchkes, or beer cans – yes, they actually made a M*A*S*H beer! – won’t hinder my enjoyment of Rob’s weekly podcast about everybody’s favorite combat cutups.

    The only action figure collection show I could be a part of would be for my set of Marx’s Presidents of the United States of America figurines. Oddly, that set’s FDR did have a cape, so when I was a kid he was the most active president as far as I was concerned. Sadly that line ended with Nixon; for some reason people lost interest in the presidency around 1974.

    Great episode, fellas!

    1. Man, Marx made some cool, and eclectic, toys back in the day, didn’t they? I have a few of the Marvel and Universal Monster figures myself.

      FDR in a cape is just waiting for a Rob impersonation bit!


  5. This is the first I’ve ever heard of the MASH action figures, and already I know that my daughter would have a blast playing with these. Her action figures don’t spend a lot of time fighting each other, though the occasional conflict with a super villain or stormtrooper does occur, rather they spend most of their time going on long quests, solving mysteries, or even opening restaurants. So running a MASH unit (especially with all the vehicles) would be right up her alley. I could see her recreating her favorite episodes, as well as making up her own. She’d just be bummed that Radar doesn’t have a figure, because he is her favorite character, hands down. On the other hand, I probably would have integrated the MASH figures with my GI Joes as support personnel.

      1. I told my daughter about the MASH figures last night, and she literally squealed with delight. Looks like I might be heading over to EBay.

    1. By the way, I think Klinger’s drag outfit may be based on the outfit he wore in the Season 5 episode End Run, when he’s in the boxing match with Sgt. Zale. That episode happened to run on MeTV last night, and I did a double take when that scene came up.

  6. Remco’s Sgt. Rock line could never figure out (pardon the pun) if it was set in World War II, the early 1980s, or somewhere in between. Integrating them with MASH figures wouldn’t be too nutty.

    I know G.I. Joe collectors that buy them for, as Mr. Linton mentioned above, support personnel in the headquarters or Mobile Command Center playsets. I asked about putting them aboard the Defiant Space Shuttle and was told, “that’s too silly.”

  7. I had B.J., Hawkeye and Hot Lips, but even at deep discount, don’t recall springing for any of the other figures. I think I vaguely recall seeing the drag Klinger, as I was always on the lookout for too rare female figures, but he didn’t quite make the cut. My Hot Lips didn’t last long either, lost or stolen or whatever, so I had to continue making do with the blue Female Paramedic and other ladies of the better represented Fisher-Price Adventure People. None of these were ever “in character,” with B.J. & Hawkeye being bystanders/fill-ins for whatever minor NPC-type I needed for a particular adventure.

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