FW Team-Up: The Thing and Quasar

Gene Hendricks of the QuantumCast joins Siskoid for another FW Team-Up, this one tackling Marvel Two-in-One #73 by Ralph Macchio, Ron Wilson and Chic Stone, in which the Thing meets Quasar! Need more incentive? Quasar teams up with dinosaurs in this one. We're not messing around!

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27 responses to “FW Team-Up: The Thing and Quasar

  1. Fun episode guys! Ron Wilson was one of the last guys at Marvel who was still apeing Kirby way up into the 80s, and I for one like it. It seems very “Marvel”. Heck, that’s actually Kirby’s version of the Crusader/Marvel Boy from the cover of FF #164 in the corner box! Poor Quasar doesn’t even get a proper headshot!

    For a minute I thought you guys were going to go for a “Thing Ring do your thing” moment in the Amalgam section. Thank goodness you didn’t invoke THAT.

    Always a pleasure to hear Gene on the network, or anywhere! Siskoid’s not too bad either.


      1. Yes, the first draft didn’t do the Firestorm bit and instead had a Quantum Ring draw dark matter to Wendell Grimm (or Ben Vaughn) and turn him into a dark version of the Thing (with stellar powers).

  2. I love Quasar’s face in the cover corner symbol. RRRRRAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!

    As a supporter of Aquaman before it was cool, I appreciate Gene’s fandom for such an obscure (and somewhat derided) character. Though who knows? At the rate the MCU is going we might have a Quasar movie by 2020!

  3. Well done on a thoroughly entertaining episode. I’ve no memory of this comic even though I was buying regularly. I suppose having Quasar in led to a speedy sell-out. It looks loads of fun, you can’t go wrong with such a Marvel house style creative team. But did Gene not like the Project Pegasus story? He called it ‘infamous’. I loved it for it being the first multi-issue, organic, character-developing MTIO arc, If was huge fun.

      1. Hmm, it’s perhaps arguable. Wundarr debuts in #2, then becomes a supporting character for a couple of issues, if memory serves. I was giving PP the ‘first multi-part epic’ title because it was advertised as one big piece, and about twice as long.

  4. Another great episode!! Always a pleasure to hear Gene! I haven’t read this issue, but have fond memories of Quasar’s previous appearances in MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE during the Project Pegasus story.

    Always liked the “every man” sense of Quasar, but didn’t read his series on a regular basis. Siskoid suggested a Captain Mar-Vell and Quasar team-up. I’m surprised that hasn’t been done before. While Mar-Vell has remained dead, he has appeared a ton of times (whether it be a doppelganger or a time-displaced version). Perhaps the Peter David era of Captain Marvel (with Mar-Vell’s son) met Quasar.

    For me, I think a 1990s meeting between Quasar and Kyle Rayner would have been ideal. To regular guys with cosmic level powers.

    Thanks again for a fantastic episode!!

    1. Funny thing. In Peter David’s Captain Marvel, there was a lettercol vote for the 25th issue’s guest star, and Quasar won. However, due to conflicts with the storyline and editorial shenanigans, it never happened. But to keep their word, Quasar appeared in issue 25’s letter column.

      That’s peak Quasar, right there.

    2. Kyle Rayner was the first name that sprang to my mind when I started thinking of possible Quasar crossovers.

  5. Great issue and episode, guys. I adored Quasar’s solo series, so big thanks to Gene for giving Wendell his due. I would say Cosmos In Collision holds up as an exemplary Marvel Cosmic story, with some incredible storytelling by Gruenwald.

    Any reason you didn’t mention Avril Kincaid, the brand new Quasar? I don’t have a strong opinion of her, just wondering.

    1. That’s simple, I don’t know anything about her. As far as I’m concerned, Wendell Vaughn is Quasar. That’s not me being a snob or anything, it’s just I haven’t bought any modern Marvel stuff, so he’s all I know.

      1. Gotcha. She was introduced in the lead up to Secret Empire and was fairly big in that event. Since you mentioned Phyla, I wasn’t sure if you knew Avril. No worries.

  6. I was really into Marvel’s cosmic characters back in the late 80s and early 90s, and Quasar’s self-titled series was one I followed for a while. I particularly like the fan-boy aspects of the character, which Gene pointed out.

    I never went back and read any of his earlier adventures. So, it was a learn about this one, and to learn about the history of his relationship with the Thing. Thanks.

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