FW Team-Up: Star Trek TNG and Doctor Who

Time, the final frontier... Kraptonite's Ryan Blake joins Siskoid for a special sci-fi FW Team-Up, covering the Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 eight-issue mini-series from IDW. It's our biggest team-up yet as two huge universes crash into one another. It's Picard vs. the Doctor. Worf buddying up to Rory. And you won't be able to tell Amy and Dr. Crusher apart! Stay tuned for some CyberBorg action!

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15 responses to “FW Team-Up: Star Trek TNG and Doctor Who

  1. My son Andrew has the TPB of this, and I skimmed through it. Not bad, but kind of more “meh” than one would hope for, unfortunately. I did enjoy the TOS/4th Doctor interaction, although I would have loved to have seen the 3rd Doctor pit his Venusian Aikido against Shatner’s Kirk-Fu!

    As for better Doctors to pair with Picard, he wasn’t around yet, but what about Capaldi? Imagine two old gruff stiff guys going at it over moral issues in a sci-fi setting. Plus just imagine those two actors going at it!

    Fun show! And Ryan’s tale about that bar that showed Trek was like something from a parallel timeline in and of itself. Fascinating!


  2. Great episode. I’m just sorry to hear that what was produced seems to have fallen short of the potential of this team-up.

    I was happy to hear the love for the 7th Doctor from both of you. The 4th Doctor holds a special place in my heart as the first Doctor I ever encountered, but the 7th Doctor is right up there with him. I like that he was more of a strategist, and that he seemed to have hidden depths to him. It also didn’t hurt that I had a bit of a crush on Ace.

    Finally, I think this miniseries would have benefited from a Spock, Data, and K-9 team-up issue, where the three of them have their own side adventure, while everyone else is occupied elsewhere. The Vulcan-Human hybrid, who denies his human side, the android, who wants to be human, and the little robot dog, who accepts them both for who they are. The story possibilities would be endless.

  3. I think that fans must have thought through Doctor Who/Star Trek mash-ups for decades, and I can only assume that the Borg were always considered a large enough threat to warrant such a mash-up, as they were the antagonists in my own Doctor Who/Star Trek fan fiction written many years ago (I won’t link to it here, but anyone who’s really interested can find it on my blog). I even ended on a fairly similar “cliffhanger.”

    As to specifically matching the Borg up with the Cybermen, while it’s pretty obvious at first glance, I’ve come to appreciate the theory that the Borg actually have more in common with the Wirrrn. (This is even more so once one adds in that the Borg were originally conceived of as an insectoid race)

    As to the comic itself, I’m afraid the art lets it down. There are places where painted artwork really makes a piece shine, but I feel like it just comes off as muddy here. It’s really too bad.

  4. Really enjoyed the flashback to Kirk and Co. with the Fourth Doctor. I tried to enjoy the main story, but it took way too long to get anywhere.

    While I hold out hope that IDW will perhaps try a Trek-Who team-up again, I’m not holding my breath that Titan Publishing is interested or if they would even be allowed under their licensing contract.

  5. Well, even if it’s not great, this sounds like a series I should read. Thanks for covering it.

    On another note, there was an unsanctioned, parody, independent, single-issue comic featuring TOS, TNG, and The Doctor. My college roommate bought it at the time, and it was pretty dreadful. The premise was the 2 Enterprise saucers merged together with the TARDIS stuck in the middle, and no hilarity ensues. Does anybody else remember that one? It would have been late 80s/early 90s.

  6. When will there be a Doctor Who show on the F&W Network? (“Give Me Those Time Lords”?). It looks like there’s enough love for the Doctor for a podcast to be well received.

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