FW Team-Up: Spider-Man and Frankenstein’s Monster

It's the day before Halloween, Devils' Night! And we have a treat for you courtesy of Siskoid and Cory Drew - Spider-Man and Frankenstein's Monster (with some pinch hitting from Man-Wolf), from Marvel Team-Up #36-37 (1975). It's a team-up perfect for the season! Definitely in the "treat" department.

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8 responses to “FW Team-Up: Spider-Man and Frankenstein’s Monster

  1. Fun episode! I definitely see some Chris Lee in Buscema’s rendition of the Monster, but he’s got Boris’ Son of Frankenstein fashion-sense with the furry vest. Oh, and speaking of Boris, just to clarify, you’re not really throwing off on him when you mock the stumbling, arms-out-stretched Frankenstein cliche. You can blame that on Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, where Bela Lugosi was playing a blind monster, groping about to understand his surroundings. Unfortunately, the studio edited out all references to the monster’s blindness, and hence the cliche was born!

    Siskoid, you brought up Gerry Conway writing the Death of Gwen Stacey. Well, maybe he was casting Baron Von Stupft as the whiny comic fans who lost their minds over her death? Didn’t he even receive death threats over this? I may be reaching, but it seems plausible, either way!

    Great episode, and I think Cory is on to something with the Thanos/Frankie thing. I would love to see the Marvel versions of the monsters make it into the films. Heck, Universal can’t seem to do it right!


  2. What a nice surprise! Always happy to hear Cory on our network.

    I know I gab on about this all the time, but man did they pack more plot into comics in the old days. It’s only a 17 page story, but it took two of you like 15 minutes to detail the entire plot.

    Stories like these make me wonder, are there Dracula and Frankenstein movies in the MCU? Or do these characters only “exist” as real people?

    I am in full support of Cory’s My Dinner with Thanos idea. I would *love* it if Marvel found its way to introducing their monster characters into the movie universe.

    1. Well, TWO 17-page comics, but your point still stands. I mean, they still had time for a prologue with Spider-Man fighting crooks in New York!

      I wondered the same, but I figure someone wrote about them (Stoker and Shelley), based on the legends, and so there’s the real thing and there can still be book and movie versions.

  3. Rob,

    I don’t know about the movies, but Stoker’s book did exist in the universe of Marvel’s Tomb of Dracula.

    I also agree on comics having much more plot crammed into an issue back then. I was talking with a guy the other day and he brought up that Planet Hulk was basically a rip-off of Incredible Hulk 140, Jarella’s first appearance. I hadn’t thought about it, but he was right. I always said that Hulk 140 would be five years worth of issues, now. I think one of the reasons I can’t get into too many modern comics is that it takes too many issues for anything to happen.

    Hmmmm….I hadn’t thought about Conway having nerd-hate in his writing, but Firestorm did feature the nerdy brain with glasses picking on the jock Ronnie Raymond. We know that ALWAYS happened in real life. He also was the one that turned Flash from the bullying jock to Peter’s friend.

  4. I recall when Ben Grimm was on Battleworld post-Secret Wars, Dracula and Frankenstein and Wolfman were manifested from Ben’s memories of watching the old movies. Lemme look. Yep, see Thing #19 and FF #274. Good enough for me!

  5. I’ve not read these issues but the electricity between you guys really brought them to life. Loved all the commentary, Cory’s bonus team-up was incredible and that tagline for Frankenspider- ‘he will make your flesh crawl’ was sheer brilliance.

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