FW Team-Up: Legion of Super-Heroes and Bugs Bunny

Siskoid teams up with his Reboot writing partner in the Legion of Super-Bloggers, Shotgun, to cover the seminal - SEMINAL, WE SAY! - Legion of Super-Heroes/Bugs Bunny team-up from 2017. We're not kidding around, but maybe the comic is. What a way to start the year, eh?

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13 responses to “FW Team-Up: Legion of Super-Heroes and Bugs Bunny

  1. Well, that was a lot of fun. I should have picked up a few of these DC/Looney Tunes crossover books, but the general state of DC these days automatically makes me assume they’ll be less fun than advertised. Always great to see Tom Grummet’s art. I think he’s vastly underrated, and I wish he was getting more regular high-profile work at DC or Marvel these days.

    I’m not convinced your editor isn’t really Blot. He’s probably moonlighting for bitcoin or something.


  2. I skipped the DC/Looney Tunes crossover books when they came out, but enjoyed your coverage of this issue. I also loved the editor’s notes, and appreciate the extra effort it must have taken to weave them into the episode.

    A Bugs Bunny team-up I’d love to see is Bugs Bunny meets Kraven the Hunter, with Kraven standing in for Elmer Fudd. Technically, the two characters wouldn’t be teaming up, but I’d like to see it any way.

    Thank you for another interesting episode.

  3. I respectfully disagree on the joke about Bugs Bunny in the void. I think him coming out of a black void as if he is suntanning makes perfect sense and fits perfectly with constant display of being unfazed. Perhaps it is ill-timed immediately after fighting a sun-based hero but mocking a black void but acting as if he was on a sunny beach seems like a great if-you-get-it joke.

  4. Loved this book! Reviewed on my site and we hit on many of the same moments.

    It was the best of all things Bugs and Legion.

    At Boston Fan Expo, I had this signed by Ty Templeton (I got the variant cover), Sam Humphries, and Tom Grummett. I told Humphries how much I loved the book. He said that he thinks DC gave him this humor book as a sort of try out to see if he could handle the hijinks of Harley Quinn. He later became the writer on HQ’s book.

    Sun Boy had long hair in the mid Baxter run. LaRocque gave him a sort of mullett.

    And yes, Ayla is the hottest Legionnaire.

  5. Thanks for a great Team-Up episode! I came here for the Legion talk and was not disappointed. I stayed for all the Sun Boy bashing and the Editor. That guy certainly knows his stuff. Keep up the great work, Editor!

  6. I’ll have to pick this issue up on digital soon. It sounds like a hoot! Plus Grummett is one of my favorite artists, and he does a fantastic job based on the gallery posts. Thanks for sharing it!

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