FW Team-Up: Batman and the Earth-2 Robin

Siskoid and Chris Franklin start their coverage of The Brave and the Bold with issue 182 (January 1982), featuring Batman and the Earth-2 Robin, Chris' favorite comic of all time!

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12 responses to “FW Team-Up: Batman and the Earth-2 Robin

  1. Great show, Siskoid and Chris!

    This was absolutely one of my favourite comics too. And while I’d seen him in other issues, I’d agree this issue set the template in my mind for what the adult Dick Grayson of Earth-Two looks like.

    I had a number of Batwoman stories from Batman from the 30s to the 70s, and also the Batman Family issue where Batwoman teams up with Batgirl. So, it was great to see her included again. I think this is where I learned of the Earth-One’s Kathy Kane’s death.

  2. Robin was probably still a little miffed that Batman and his Justice League allies “killed” him and his Justice Society pals, back when the Boy Wonder was briefly a rival of Mister Zero… the Icicle! (Justice League of America 123 & 124).

    Hugo-2 using a Batman robot in the Batcave to disorient Robin-2 mirrored Hugo-1 using a Dick Grayson robot in the Batcave to disorient Batman-1. https://earth-one-earth-two.blogspot.com/2013/08/twice-told-tales-strange-days-indeed_10.html

  3. Great job, citizens! Brennert can’t write a bad story. And for sure was Aparo still kicking ass at this time. Looking forward to the next one in…November?

  4. I will never be able to look at the classic 1950s Batmobile now and not think of the HomerMobile. Thanks Chris.

    While I would not say this is my fav comic of all time (we all know what is), it’s def in the top 20. I distinctly remember buying this at 711, pedaling back to my house, and laying on the floor of our basement and reading it. Only dimly aware of the individual names who made up the credits, I do also recall thinking “Wow, this Alan Brennert guy is pretty good.”

    Very fun and engaging episode, even though I have read this issue hundreds of times,

  5. hey guys!
    1. I love earth 2 robin Costume
    2. THAT IS ONE HELL of a storm
    3. Chris was’nt there a “lighting knocks batman into another earth before they even named earth-2? i read it some dang showcase or other

    1. I think there was a 1960s story where Batman or Robin jumped Earths. But also, there was New Adventures of Superboy 15 and 16 where a tornado sends the Boy of Steel back in time and over to Earth-Two to meet a teenaged Kal-L.

    2. That sounds like the story in World’s Finest 136, which was sold a few months after the Flash’s third visit to Earth 2 in Flash 137, and one month after Justice League of America 21 (which first used the name “Earth 2”)… according to Mike’s Amazing World.

      1. Yes, from the synopsis on Mike’s Amazing World, that sounds like it! Here’s some excerpts from that:

        “Batman is forced to crash land the Batplane during a lightning storm. When he returns to Gotham City no one remembers him. After relating his story to Superman, the Man of Steel reasons that Batman has been on a parallel Earth. Then he sends Batman to his own dimension, where he belongs.”

        Some definite similarities there! I have the Showcase volume it’s reprinted in. Now I have something fun to read tonight!

  6. Ah, yes. Always nice to hear some much-deserved love being showered on an excellent Alan Brennert story (of course, there’s no other kind).
    Brave & the Bold is truly one of the best single issues of the series and among the best Batman stories. The only thing that prevents this one from being my favorite issue of B&B is that that title goes to B&B #197 – the Earth 2 Batman/Catwoman team-up, which is quite possibly my favorite-ever Batman story (and I know I’ve sang that issue’s praises elsewhere on the network more than once).
    Anyway, great show, gentlemen. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. What everyone said. This is one of the best DC comics of all time, a gorgeous, heartfelt instant classic. The only thing I even vaguely disliked about the comic was that Robin logo so rightly noted as sub-par by Chris. But now even that is such a part of the comic that it would be weird not to have it.

    Anyway, great chat. I was surprised by how keen you lads were to explain what Batman was doing on Earth 2. It was Bat-magic, that’s all.

  8. Echoing everyone else – great episode about a great comic! On the timing of Earth-1 vs Earth-2, in my head canon there were definitely adventures that happened to both Batmen. I always assumed that Earth-1 Batman had some adventures before he changed his costume to add the yellow oval. I believe there are some in-story references to that (Untold Legend of the Batman maybe?). So I never questioned the existence of a Batwoman (and Bat-Girl) on both earths. But your mileage may vary.

    I did not recall that one of the items animated by Hugo Strange was the giant top from the only appearance of the Spinner! Strangely enough that story was reprinted in Batman Family #8 and our episode of Batman Family Reunion drops this week!

    PS this is a great format Siskoid! I love all the team up books and getting to each of them every few months with your all star co hosts was a great idea.

  9. Like others this is one of my favourite all-time stories. But even as an 8 year old I wondered how Batman was so calm when Starman is sending him across the dimensional void while basically saying “I’m no Dr Fate but this should go okay…” If that was me I’m telling him “Don’t worry, I’m happy to wait for Kent Nelson to show up. I’m sure Kathy will keep me company.”

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