FW Team-Up: The Thing and the Man-Thing

Siskoid and Ryan Daly start their coverage of Marvel Two-in-One with issue 1 (January 1973), featuring the Thing and the Man-Thing, as monster goes up against monster! (Wait, do we mean Siskoid and Ryan, or Ben Grimm and Ted Sallis?)

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13 responses to “FW Team-Up: The Thing and the Man-Thing

  1. Siskoid and Ryan, I love Marvel Two-in-One, because I love Ben Grimm as a character and watching him interact with other heroes in the Marvel Universe. On top of that, I was both impressed and fascinated by your analyses of the characters overall and the story in this issue. I think I’m going to enjoy this podcast very much!

  2. Great start fellas! I can see persojnally see Kane’s style throughout, except for Ben. I’m glad Sinnott was here to homogenize the classic Thing look, because Kane on Ben without him is kinda…well, it ain’t great, despite my love for Kane.

    I wonder what the OHOTMU girls would think of Molecule Man’s gratuitous butt shot on when he’s addressing Ben and Ted?

    And why can’t Ben just ring up another hero or super group to take out MM, so him and Ted can live happily in human form? Cause…comics . TM Michael Bailey.

    The ending reminds me a bit of that classic Avengers Thomas/J. Buscema ending where the kid picks up Ultron’s dismembered head.

    I like the “I Wanna Rock” segment! That’s a great way to get a bit of FW Records back on the network.

  3. Fun episode, lads, I loved MTiO and MTU, and was disappointed when the comics were replaced by just one more book for the lead characters.

    You were right, this story must have been planned as the next Thing team-up in Marvel Feature, as the final issue of that had a blurb saying ‘next issue Man Thing!’ or whatever. They must’ve just repurposed the publishing schedule.

    Like Siskoid, I never found ‘Man Thing’ rude as a name – who calls their willy a ‘thing’? And besides, Ted’s monster moniker makes no sense at Marvel because, what was Ben Grimm but a Man Thing? This story would have been a great chance for a new name to be tried.

  4. By complete coincidence, I started reading Marvel 2-in-1 from the beginning this year on Marvel Unlimited, There’s a particular character and storyline that motivated me to start, but I haven’t reached it yet. Still, a fine excuse to try more new-to-me comics, and this issue was a hoot! I was shocked that Ben’s in the middle of an arc with issue #1? Not what I would have expected from a bronze age comic. And who would be a more perfect guest than Man-Thing? Like editorial was thinking “the fans are going to clamor for this pairing, so let’s just get it over with.” Now this version of the Molecule Man was ewww in that lightning bolt speedo, but hey, Ben just wears trunks and Man-Thing has his thing out in the open, so I guess MM just wanted to fit in. Thanks for the great episode!

      1. I can neither confirm nor deny that statement.
        What’s the word limit on “inordinate” as opposed to a “smattering”? As Ben would say, “It’s smattering time!” Or maybe not.

  5. Impressive podcast most impressive. This was a decent enough comic. And through the 70s and a bit of the 80s this was a pretty good run. I’m glad the thing got these and his own series after it. It is weird to watch how popular man thing was in the 70s. Since all the attempted revivals have failed. Something had a good run in DC but for whatever reason the man thing just never caught fire again. This version of the molecule man is probably just a clone of the first one. I don’t think you meant volcania yet. Or maybe he had met someone on this planet and she died because of the same thing that was killing him. Couldn’t say. The staff as it turns out is a psychosomatic. It doesn’t work at all. It’s a piece of wood or plastic. The power was always within the molecule man, but for whatever reason he believed ED the item to use his powers.

    So basically the good guys win this. Because, the bad guy believes he’s been defeated. Kind of the opposite of the old Roman saying. I.e. you’re not victorious to variable is they’ve been vanquished. Something along the lines. The victory is not victorious till the vanquished beliefs vanquished. Which kind of fits since been grim will never give up. A good quality for him to have. Ted being back from minute is kind of cool. And the irony being both of them have gotten what they want but they can enjoy it. Well Ted can. But, been grim is unable to sense the molecule man could potentially destroy the world or at least kill his family. So irony they both lose what they want most. So that they can save the world. Kind of sucks for them. But makes for an entertaining read. The kid kind of looks like the Chucky doll. Still it works well enough in this. And the staff is not the work for anyone comes again it has no powers. It’s just a focus for the molecule man. He thinks he needs it so he does.

    In his mind he believes he needs it. But, according to the MOTu or the Marvel handbook. This is on his head. Any rate I can’t wait till the next episode.

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