FW Team-Up: Thing/Deathlok Supplemental

Here are the relevant images from this episode of FW Team-Up!

Highlights from Marvel Two-in-One #27 by Marv Wolfman, Ron Wilson and Pablo Marcos (cover by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott):

Third person shooter:

What are Grimm and Fury afraid of?


The special SPECIAL guest-star:

Deathlok finds a loophole.

The fight is on!

Final farewells, sort of.

Theme: "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" by Andy Sturmer.

Amalgam promo: Bass Levesque; "Sad Emotional Piano" by Ambient Feelings.

Bonus clips from: "I Wanna Rock!" by Twisted Sister; and "Save the Life of My Child" by Simon & Garfunkel.

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