Give Me Those Star Wars 23: The Scum We Deserve

Ryan Daly welcomes new guest Jarrod Alberich, the Yard Sale Artist, to discuss those scummy mercenaries from far, far away: the bounty hunters of Star Wars!

  • Introduction begins at 0:00:36
  • Star Wars Current Events (potential spoilers) begins at: 0:04:05
  • Star Wars Bounty Hunters discussion begins at: 0:15:47
  • Galactic Questionnaire with Jarrod begins at 0:56:25

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13 responses to “Give Me Those Star Wars 23: The Scum We Deserve

  1. Fun discussion guys.

    Am I the only one who saw IG-88 as an evil version of the Tin Woodsman from Oz? Not the movie version, but the less humanoid version you saw in the storybooks. He’s even kinda got the little funnel cap on top.

    I don’t know who coined Dengar as “Mummy Johnny Cash” (I think it may have been you Ryan) but ever since then, I can’t get the image out of my head of Dengar with his back to the camera, quickly turning around and uttering “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash” and then breaking into Folsom Prison Blues.

    My family recently saw the “Star Wars: The Power of Costume” traveling exhibit in Cincinnati, and the Boba Fett and Boush costumes were some of the coolest on display. So much history built into those suits, with all the details, the grime, the wear. I could have stared at them for days.


    1. I’m not sure where “Mummy Johnny Cash” originated, but I don’t think I coined it. I seem to remember hearing that term years ago.

    2. I believe you might be the only person who’s ever thought IG 88 resembled a character from Oz… but that doesn’t mean you’re wrong!

      And Dengar? He’s been to Tattooine, Alderan, Hoth, Dagobah, Bespin… he’s been everywhere.

      That traveling costume exhibit sounds particularly cool. I’m glad you got to take it manage of that!

  2. Hi Guys, great episode! I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I first saw it in ’77 when I was 5 years old and always been intrigued by the bounty hunters especially.
    Firstly, I had never heard about the mix up of the names on the backing cards for 4-LOM and Zuccus. I thought it was I who mixed up the names when I was a kid. Now I know I just had remembered the names on the cards as I had been given. My Star Wars Nerd Mind has been vindicated!!! Thank you!

    On another note, you are correct in Bossk’s uniform being a High-Altitude Windak Pressure Suit used by the Royal Air Force in the 60’s, but thad you heard that the suit had been used in an early black & white episode of Dr. Who?
    Link to photo:
    Not sure if it’s the very same suit used in both instances but with much of the production work for Empire taking place in England, it’s possible…

    Also, have you heard that IG-88 was also partially recycled material? His head was part of the apparatus seen behind the bar in the Mos Eisley Cantina.
    Link to photo:
    I guess as well as being a reprogrammed assassin droid, he can also mix a martini.

    As always, GREAT POD!

    1. I can confirm it’s the same suit that was used in The Tenth Planet. It was an actual high-altitude flight suit designed for, but never adopted by, the Royal Air Force. They cropped up in a number of productions, including the 1960s “First Men in the Moon”. On “Doctor Who”, Jamie and Zoe also wore them in “The Wheel in Space”. Here’s a website that tried to make a complete list:

    2. Occasionally the things that I think I might be making up off the top of my head turn out to be true. :-) Thank you for doing the research and let me know! And thank you for tuning in for this episode, Jason.

  3. I, for one, have always been partial to IG88. And my affection for him is all the greater now that I know he can cut a rug (made of Wookie fur?!).
    In fact, I’m only half-joking when I say I’d love one of these new off-year SW movies to be dedicated to IG88 – ideally, it would take place in the “present,” i.e., the same time as the current films, and feature BB8 as a guest-star. I see it as an exploration of artificial intelligence and free will; IG88 could even foment some kind of rebellion again the general servitude relegated to droids in the SW universe, and maybe bring the good guys around to seeing that they should give the droids equal rights (at which they become valued allies in their cause).

    Conversely, I’ve never been too impressed with Boba Fett. He just looks good, and personally I think his best appearance was in that cartoon from the holiday special that you only mentioned in passing.

    1. I would 100% watch your IG 88 movie … especially if he dances!

      Appreciate you turning into take a listen!

  4. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only goody two-shoes gamer out there. I’ve played Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and both of the Knights of the Old Republic games multiple times, and I have never been able to bring myself to turn to the dark side. Which is ironic, because, if I actually could use the Force, I’d be over to the dark side the first time someone cut me off in traffic.

    Thanks for the great discussion on bounty hunters. I never realized it before now, but the bounty hunters are indeed some of the best designed characters in the Star Wars universe. Bossk was always one of my favorites, mainly due to my love of the action figure. Embo from the Bounty Hunters episode of Clone Wars, which I referenced two episodes ago, is another favorite of mine. He has a hat that could double as Captain America’s shield, and a dog-like creature as a pet, so he can’t be that bad of a fellow.

  5. I actually like Boba Fett better since the prequels. Still have no time for anything about the EU Fett, mind. But everything about him just makes more sense, knowing what we learn in the prequel trilogy.

    Specifically, they recast him away from being a nemesis for Han Solo and into being one for Luke, and under that perspective everything about him makes more sense. That’s why Boba Fett, against Vader’s orders, fires the first shot on Luke at Bespin, spoiling Vader’s ambush. That’s why he’s on Jabba’s barge, not out of loyalty to Jabba or a need to gloat at Han forever, but because he knows Luke will come. And that’s why he spends the sailbarge fight so focused on Luke that he pays so little attention to Han and meets his fate.

    Looking at Fett from that perspective, well, the Fett/Vader backstory falls into place. He was clearly sent after a surviving Jedi, claimed success, but gave no proof, possibly believing himself his target was disintegrated. If that target had been Obi-Wan, Vader would have force-choked Fett out right then and there, so the only other possibility is…

    Fett vs Yoda: A Star Wars Story. That’s the Fett movie I want. And the Yoda movie I want, for that matter.

    1. That is a pretty cool perspective that I’ve never heard before. I like it a lot! Thank you for listening to the show!

  6. Dengar may look like a joke, but there’s a reason he was selected by Vader to chase down the Millennium Falcon in The Empire Strikes Back. Sure, you could say Vader knew of his connection to Han Solo but I personally think Dengar is a bad ass that fools people into thinking he’s this feeble cyber-mummy only to kick everyone’s butt.

    Vader knows the score and the winner is Dengar.

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