Give Me Those Star Wars Special: ROGUE ONE Trailer Reaction

Special Episode! Ryan Daly and guest Aaron Bias share first impressions of the first official trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. SPOILER WARNING for the trailer and film.

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14 responses to “Give Me Those Star Wars Special: ROGUE ONE Trailer Reaction

  1. Thanks guys for suffering through the Olympics to bring us this episode. It must have been pure torture lol. But I knew you wouldn’t let this trailer release slip by without covering it Ryan. Good man.

    So the trailer was pretty good. Aaron description of the Mag7/Dirty Dozen is spot on and I think that is to help tell the story like you said Ryan, to show us why the empire was so bad that we didn’t directly see before. The blind samurai is totally force sensitive. He feels like a youngling out was off-planet when order 66 was given oh oh oh maybe that’s how he became blind!! Also the druid. K2-SO looks to me to have callings from the Super Battle Druids from the prequels. It would be cool to see that is what became of them after the Clone Wars.

    The visuals are great. There is no doubt even for the new things we are seeing that they are apart of the Star Wars universe and belong there. The walled city, the U-wing, the AT-AT sorry Imperial Walkers, the outfits all look on point.

    Looking forward to checking this movie and to more eps of GMTSW!!

    1. Ok so clearly I’m meant to type Droids, not Druids…… playing too much WoW lately…. but a Super Battle Druid. Now that would be something.

      1. Druids would be an awesome addition to Star Wars. All of them specialists in a very specific environment, as per their homeworld.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts Ryan and future neighbor Aaron.

    I am very excited about Rogue One, and if you know me, you know saying that about a Star Wars film comes with a large helping of crow. While it’s hard to beat the perfection of the Rogue One teaser (which made me well up in theaters even after I’d seen it numerous times – it’s the way the music is used), I’m happy to see more of Donnie Yen in this longer trailer. Donnie is my favorite modern-day Hong Kong action star (and I consider myself something of a connoisseur) and I can’t tell you how happy and eager I am to see him in this.

  3. This looks good. I’m in for this either way, but the more I see it, the more I like it. The seedier side of the Star Wars universe, but very obviously THAT universe. I was thinking the Magnificent 7 and Dirty Dozen as well, and of course that idea is floating about in the ether quite a bit due to the Mag 7 remake and Suicide Squad.

    The talk of the original Star Wars (I refuse to call it A New Hope) not really showing us how bad the Empire was proves many folks’ points that the original film really didn’t flesh things out much better than Force Awakens. I don’t mean to bring up that hoary debate again, but I’m just sayin’.

    Great episode!!!


    1. Well, it didn’t, since it was conceived as a stand-alone. There was no saga, just one story. The saga was carved out of the discarded script drafts and audience response. This is part of why I have loved the Archie Goodwin stories more than any other Star Wars material. Archie latched onto the kind of stuff this trailer indicates. He wanted to explore that world, beyond the principles, though he knew they were the main marketing attraction. However, he gave us stuff like Valance, the ex-stormtrooper turned bounty hunter, who hates droids. Roy Thomas gave us the space pirate Crimson Jack, with his own Star Destroyer; but, Archie took up the character and does a great Han/Leia story. He gave us jawas fighting stormtroopers!

      I’ve said it before and will do so again; I wanted to see more about the grunts of the Rebellion and we get it here, in a classic style of 60s action films. By the same token, I’d like to see more of that commando team that is brought together for the Endor mission, prior to those events. Those people were chosen for a reason. Let’s see it. That’s the Star wars series we need: Star Wars: Grunts!

      1. As I understand it, in the old pre-Disney canon, those Endor soldiers were a group called Page’s Commandos under the direction of Lieutenant Page and General Cracken. They were mentioned in a couple books but fleshed out in the West End Games roleplaying game.

        All that said, I would also like to see more of those types of characters explored. It looks like we’ll get some in Rogue One.

        1. Speaking as an ex-supply officer, I want 10 minutes of them trying to requisition equipment and the supply sergeant arguing with them about how hard it is to smuggle supplies pass Imperials and get them to the Rebel base, showing the last roll of toilet paper.

  4. Another great episode, even if Ryan was on it.

    Loved the war vibe in this trailer! Apparently it so much of a war vibe that my wife and daughter didn’t care about the trailer. They said it did not make them want to see the movie. Boo girls!!

    All this talk of Magnificent Seven left me thinking of a remake of this trailer in the style of the recent M7 trailers.
    – Got a mission
    – Against all odds
    – Working for a woman (Mon Mothma)
    – Intro the team
    – The Anarchist
    – The Hero Guy
    – The Weapons Expert
    – The Force Believer
    – The Imperial Droid
    – The guy from Good Morning Vietnam
    – And probably some other dude because we don’t want clutter up the screen with too many girls. Don’t want to piss off the fans.
    – Cue the explosions
    – The Rebellion Seven

    Keep up the great work on the podcast, Aaron!

  5. Really enjoyed what I saw in the trailer. It looked like the kind of stories I loved from Archie Goodwin, in the glory days of Star wars comics (Marvel and the newspaper strip). For me, Force Awakens felt like a remake of Star Wars (it is) and not much else. Apart from Han’s moments, the rest felt like cameos. I enjoyed the film; but, I wished it had been a new story, more than it was. I suppose what follows is the new story, assuming they don’t screw the pooch (like in the prequels). Archie Goodwin wrote new characters and explored different environments; but, always had character front and center. That is the feeling I get here. It is Magnificent Seven meets the Dirty Dozen. The only thing missing is James Coburn throwing a knife at someone; or Charles Bronson, who bridges both films. Really, it reminds me of that mid 60s era of filmmaking, where action movies had plot, interesting characters, and took their time to build to the epic fight and made every moment look great, on the screen. Star Wars had a lot of that, this feels like it does.

    Masada was actually a tv mini-series, though it was edited into a movie (as was Shogun). The mini-series version is better, though it wasn’t that great a production. Peter O’Toole was definitely slumming, then. It also features a pretty downer ending (not that Shogun didn’t); but, that was history.

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