Give Me Those Star Wars Special: THE LAST JEDI Trailer Reaction

SPOILER-FILLED REACTION EPISODE! Ryan Daly and guest Kyle Benning share their first impressions of the official trailer for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI.

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5 responses to “Give Me Those Star Wars Special: THE LAST JEDI Trailer Reaction

  1. I sort of expect an extended/final trailer to be released with Thor:Ragnarok’s opening.

    Also think it’s wishful thinking to assume this trailer is being deliberately deceptive about the big story beats.

  2. Pretty sure this is the final trailer, minus TV spots and such.

    I liked overall how little this trailer showed–no Benicio Del Toro, no Laura Dern, very little John Boyega. I still really don’t know what the story is and I’m happy about that.

    Thanks for doing this ep so quickly!

  3. Impressive trailer. But… I felt super-uncomfortable about the Carrie Fisher appearances in the trailer, like they were playing with our expectations based on the reality of her untimely passing. A new and weird feeling to have.

  4. Man, I hope Rey doesn’t go all Dark Side on us. If so, I’m going to have one inconsolable little girl on my hands.

    One thing I wondered about the trailer is Luke. He seems a bit…sinister. It could be he’s just in crazy ol’ hermit mode, but I wonder if Rey and Kylo’s stories aren’t going to parallel even more with a mentor whose intentions aren’t the best for anyone. Luke may be so against training Rey and propagating this “Super Force” power that he goes to extremes to stop it. I hope not, but it does make me wonder.

    I did like how Luke sounds like an older version of Hamill’s Jedi Luke from ROTJ, and not just an older Mark Hamill. That’s just good acting. He went back there.


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