Hyperion to a Satyr: Hamlet Act I Wrap-Up

Hyperion to a Satyr - The Fire and Water Podcast Network's Hamlet Podcast - wraps up its discussions on Act 1 of Shakespeare's masterpiece, as Siskoid discusses some of the section's bigger questions and themes with Dear Reader's own Stella. They also sink their teeth into 1994's The Lion King as a Hamlet-adjacent film - but is it a proper adaptation? Plus, your feedback on the Act I's episodes.

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Theme: "Fanfare" from 1996 Hamlet, by Patrick Doyle, with clips from that film, starring Ray Fearon; the 1980 Hamlet, starring Derek Jacobi; and the 2009 Hamlet, starring David Tennant.

Bonus clip: The Lion King's "Circle of Life" by Carmen Twillie and Lebo M.

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3 responses to “Hyperion to a Satyr: Hamlet Act I Wrap-Up

  1. Nice wrap-up and excellent guest!
    I saw the Hamlet overtones in Lion King from the evil uncle to the ghost visit. But I am very glad they let Simba live! Whew!

    Looking forward to Stella’s next show. Love the original movie adaptation of The Women. Can;t wait to hear.

    And looking forward to the second act!

  2. Siskoid, this is a marvelous podcast. Thank you for sharing your fascinating research! When I was an actor, I did not do many Shakespeare plays, and was only Hamlet-adjacent. I was cast as Horatio in a production, but had to drop out when I got accepted into graduate school. The production went up after the semester started, and the school was 1,000 miles away. However, I was able to perform a wee bit of the play. I was in a student production of “The Actor’s Nightmare.” (“I saw him, my lord! His beaver was up!” “His, ah, beaver was up, you say?”) Some years later I had the great fortune to be Guildenstern (or maybe I was Rosencrantz?) in a fun production of “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.” The fellow who played Rosencrantz, or Guildenstern, did an imitation of Hamlet which still makes me laugh. If we ever meet, I shall do it for you, unless I’m restrained.
    I think I heard you say something about Olivier’s representation of Hamlet being the one to set the popular image. I believe he was continuing the popular image. Jack Benny as Joseph Tura as Hamlet in “To Be or Not To Be” is probably an accurate depiction of the traditional stage Hamlet.
    Many folks around my age got their first exposure to Hamlet from Gilligan’s Island. Phil Silvers as Harold Hecubah singing (mostly) Shakespeare’s words to Bizet’s Carmen. Who says television ain’t cultural? I had additional exposure from the Original Cast Recording of “Hair,” which contains the song “What A Piece of Work is Man.”
    When I first read the play, I immediately recognized those lines!
    I have not seen the other materials referenced in the podcast, except for the Branagh version. (I watched most(?) of the Olivier, many years ago, and retain none of it. While I like most of Branagh’s screen roles, his directorial tics drive me nuts. (Especially the incessant 360 degree camera work!!!) So, that wasn’t an overall enjoyable experience.
    Hamlet is not mad. He is stressed and is trying to cope however he can. The ghost is real. He appears twice before the play begins.He appears twice more before Hamlet even enters the play. He demands Horatio and Marcellus to swear. He does not speak for Hamlet’s ear only.
    It was great to hear your inspiration, Stella!
    On to Act II!

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