Hero Points: The Live Role-Playing Session

You asked for it! One of the Fire and Water Podcast Network's Patreon stretch goals was for us to finally pull the trigger on a live (well, live-to-tape) DC Heroes role-playing session with Network hosts and guests taking the roles of superheroes they are associated with. A long time in the making (and even longer in the asking), GameMaster Siskoid sits across from the virtual gaming table from players Shagg, Chris Franklin, Bass and David Gallaher and runs the Bwa-ha-ha JLI introductory adventure from the 2nd edition boxed set, "Exposed"! But who's playing who? For that, you have to listen!

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27 responses to “Hero Points: The Live Role-Playing Session

  1. Still listening, but I love the scene playing out in my mind of Hawkman struggling to walk down the stairs of a skyscraper because of the bulk of his wings, and then being paralyzed by indecision whether to continue down or walk back up to the roof to fly down outside.

  2. I have to say I was slightly disappointed with the vote fishing that you didn’t have one of the villains say
    “Everyone keeps mishearing us we’re not the Injustice society we’re the ‘In Justice Society ‘ 😉

    Also for some reason this also popped this song in my head

  3. Wowser. Loved this. I haven’t played in, or run DC Heroes for many, many years but this episode made me really want to dig it out again. Sounded like you guys were having perhaps more fun than is strictly legal. Siskoid did a great job of explaining the rules as you went through the game. Great stuff, guys.

  4. Listening and loving this. Cfranks’ Batman is like Adam West and Christian Bale had a baby.

    I’m not sure Bass fully captured the nuances of Hawkman.

    ALso, wasn’t Batman an “urban legend” during this era? I think Cfranks broke kayfabe when he made his big televised speech – even if it was from the shadows.

  5. I’ve been looking forward to this episode since you guys first floated the idea, and it was worth the wait. Thanks for organizing this, Siskoid. It couldn’t have been easy running a tabletop game over the internet. Yet, it sounds like everyone was having fun. That’s either a testament to what a great experience it was, or to someone’s excellent editing skills. Either way, my hat’s off to all of you.

    1. I do GM over the internet (with the Girls, since the Lockdown), but the real challenge was making it something you could listen to! I’m glad it worked for you. I tend to credit the players who did great superhero pastiches here.

      1. I agree that everyone did a great job with their characters. I particularly enjoyed all of the obscure comic book references that they peppered throughout the session.

        I guess that’s one of the advantages of playing in a well established franchise’s universe. Playing in such a setting comes with some constraints, but it also provides a common language and context for players already familiar with the franchise, even if they aren’t familiar with the mechanics of the game itself.

        Which reminds me, Chris, you did a great job playing the many faces of Batman. I wouldn’t have known it was your first time roleplaying, if you hadn’t mentioned it at the top of the show.

    1. I agree! This was so much fun! Please have another episode.
      You all did a great job.
      I applaud your unique takes on each of these characters.
      Each had their own opportunities to shine . . . well except maybe for Hawkman who faced some unlucky rolls.
      But he was sort of a befuddled, jock douchebag, kinda like this team’s version of Guy Gardner.
      I’d love to hear other network member’s interpretations of their favorite, signature characters.
      I can’t wait for my favorite, J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter (would that be Frank?)

      I want to give special recognition to whomever edited the episode.
      Whether that was Siskoid or Baz or a team effort, you really kept the pacing fun and interesting.
      The voice effects and voice acting were also very fun.
      I’m sure that there must have been a lot of recorded time explaining game mechanics and refocusing tangential conversations. In other words, typical Game Master stuff.

      Again, this was lots of fun and I eagerly await the next roll playing adventure.

  6. Impressive podcast Most impressive. I’m waiting for Hawk Man vs Bad News Allen (God rest his soul.). for the IC title in the Omni. With guest enforcer Dick “Bulldog” Brower. Any way ya’ll did a great job on this. Yep Shagg you would be set more as Fire Storm than BD. Sorry, but it is the fire and water pod cast. Not Jersy De** and Water. Or the double tritons pod cast. And sides you did a great job as Ronnie. And I knew once Chris was gonna be Bats it be the Adam West bats. Granted the multiple personality bats was funny. Odd he was never Brave and the Bold Bats or BMTAS Bat Man. Not one moment of Conway. That was a shock. Or that he wasn’t Night Wing cause of the Earth 2 Robin thing. Ah Golden Pharoh. That was a powerful enough character, but yeah… sorry never heard of him and I even rember the Super Powers comic ware Dark Side pretends to be a hero.
    And changes his form to look like one. And helps the JLA fight Tirock. Ah the JLI Make Horoldo (Donovan) disapear… some ware this worlds verson of Bett Midler is smiling. Though funny Sikiod made him sound like the kid from Famly Guy. Cool choices of villians. And ya’ll did a great job in it. This was funny. Hmm, wonder who I’d be? Huntress? Big Barda? Fire? Sounds like ya’ll had fun. Ah Funky Flash Man. Almost destroyed the JLI. If not for Fire Storm. Wich is funny in it’s self. The JLI didn’t almost lose to Grod, Icy, or the Scare Crow,but… the true power house that is …. Funky Flash Man! Fear the power of Funky Flash Man Mawwwahhahaaa! Can’t wait to hear the next epasoide.

  7. What a fantastic episode! All of you sounded like you were having a great time! I must commend you, Siskoid, as, not only did that have to be a challenge to prepare and GM for, but I can’t imagine the Herculean task involved in editing such a thing. I also enjoyed how each player got a chance to shine with their character, which is a great sign of a well run RPG. Kudos to you all and I hope to hear the further adventures of this version of the Justice League, minus Golden Pharoah. We hardly knew ye. Maybe Cyclotron could join the team next? Keep up the great work!

    1. Yes! Please have some play Cyclotron!
      “I rip off my face and chest plate and use it to batter the super villain Maxima!”

  8. I tuned into the Hero Points podcast as research for a writing project, because I wanted to get a feel for how the game flows in live play. This episode was everything I’d hoped for and more in that department! It was a treat to hear voices from previous episodes embrace the superhero pastiches, and huge credit to Siskoid for organizing, GMing, and playing many parts. I especially enjoyed Juan Donovan and Professor Stein.

    I agree with previous commenters — I’d love to listen to many more of these!

  9. That was lots of fun. Sorry I didn’t realize it had landed earlier.

    I haven’t run or played the DC MEGS game in ages, but plenty of other systems. This was a lot of fun. I can’t say the spoof adventures are my favorites, but you guys made it very entertaining. Sorry about the Pharaoh – that character was outclassed but just about everybody. You might need some more balance when throwing what is a basically a beginning character in with heavily powered (Firestorm), or heavily skilled (Batman) characters.

    I’m sure you have a long line of people who want to play, but if you need more, let me know …

    1. This was a one-off. The amount of work, scheduling and stress involved are the impacting factors.

      And it had to be a comedy adventure to make sure it would be entertaining even to the casual listener AND character balance was not required because 1) failure is funny and 2) it was more about social interaction than it was combat. A combat-heavy real-play episode would have been BOOOOORINNNNNNG. That’s just my opinion, but as GM/producer, it’s the only one that counts.

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