FW Presents: Infinity Con Tallahassee 2019 – Geek Debates

This episode, a recording of the live “Classic Geek Debates” panel from the recent INFINITY CON TALLAHASSEE 2019! Panelists include our own Irredeemable Shag, along with CT from Nerd Lunch, and Jon Reddick & George Sumpter from GenXGrownup.

Plus, check out the Nerd Lunch Infinity Con video for more on the convention, and a few appearances from the Irredeemable Shag:

Enjoyed what you heard? Want to share your own thoughts on the debate topics?

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One response to “FW Presents: Infinity Con Tallahassee 2019 – Geek Debates

  1. I’m a week late getting to this (like most stuff right now), but wanted to drop a line and say how fun this was.

    I’ll paraphrase a bit from SNL’s “Sean Connery” playing Jeopardy!:

    “Suck it, Kirk!”

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