First Strike Ep.35 Supplemental

Here are the relevant images from this episode of First Strike: The Invasion! Podcast!

Highlights from The Spectre #24, by Doug Moench, Tom Artis and Ralph Cabrera:

The Invasion is still making the news:

Is this a game of spot the differences?

Ridditch gets jacked by persons unknown…

…and they activate his meta-gene!

The Spectre takes revenge for a cat’s death.

Relevant teaser clip: “The X-Files Theme” by Mark Snow

Bonus clips: All sound taken in line outside the Comic Hunter in Moncton, NB, between 7h20 and 8h00 on the morning of Free Comic Book Day. Thanks to everyone who talked to us, and apologies to everyone we had to omit because the wind caused catastrophic sound issues. A special thank you to the store’s manager, Rémi LeClair, for letting us crash the party.

End theme music from “The Day the Earth Stood Still” score by Bernard Herrmann

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