First Strike Ep.37 Supplemental

Here are the relevant images from this episode of First Strike: The Invasion! Podcast!

Highlights from both Blasters Special #1, by Peter David, James Fry and Robert Campanella; and Justice League International #24, by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, Kevin Maguire and Joe Rubinstein:

Blasters starts off fast by smashing through a caption!

Jolt tries to take a bath, but...

Guardians of the Galaxy has nothing on Blasters.

And neither does Star Trek.

Did you miss Invasion II? You might have if you blinked.

The Blasters get their official team name!

And now for JLI #24, did you get your invitation?

Fire is one of the last heroes to be given a clean bill of health.

The Khunds escape through a plot hole.

And when the burst into the room...

And it's on to Justice League Europe! (Podcast listeners go back one.)

Relevant teaser clip: "Mars Attacks" by Tim Burton, starring Jack Nicholson

Bonus clips: Frosted Flakes Commercial, Tony the Tiger voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft; "Star Trek: The Next Generation", starring Patrick Stewart; "Elle me dit", by Mika; "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" radio series, by Douglas Adams, starring Peter Jones, Simon Jones and Geoffrey McGivern

End theme music from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" score by Bernard Herrmann

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