JLI Podcast – 5 Minutes of News

JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL: BWAH-HA-HA PODCAST mini-episode! The Irredeemable Shag takes five minutes of your time to share some exciting news!

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3 responses to “JLI Podcast – 5 Minutes of News

  1. Irish Embassy calling – we have a huge order for party food and drinks on February 5th so I have sent G’nort to the Antarctica embassy so he will not mess things up!

    Looking forward to the interview with one of the architects of the Bwa-ha-ha era, should be a lot of fun!

    Pity about Breakdowns not coming out now, it is a great send off to that era. I saw the speculation on Twitter as to why it was cancelled, and if so, would probably not see that collected for a good while now.

    I downloaded the DC in the 80s fanzine and look forward to reading it. Anyone else looking to do so, would definitely merge the pdfs as it leads to easy printing of the whole zine.

    Must download the RPG webcast – was never a gamer but this involves the JLI so should be fun.

    Oh no, G’nort is back with the Injustice League! Have to dvert them to somewhere else as February 5th is fast approaching!

    1. Do you tell Jimmy, what was the speculation as to why breakdowns was cancelled?

      And Shag, now that Marc is an official Friend of the Fire and Water Network, how about we get him guesting on Ryan’s Midnight: the Podcasting Hour show to talk about some of his early writing for the DC mystery book?. He’s probably one of the last writers trained by DC in the art of writing the eight-page short – I’d love to hear about that, and how he came to get that I, Vampire gig in House of Mystery.

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