JLI Podcast – Meanwhile… J.M. DeMatteis interview on DeMultiverse and JLI

J.M. DeMatteis -- famed writer of comic books, television, movies, and novels -- joins Shag for a fantastic interview about his new DeMultiverse Kickstarter from Spellbound Comics! Plus he answers listener's questions about writing the JLI!

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9 responses to “JLI Podcast – Meanwhile… J.M. DeMatteis interview on DeMultiverse and JLI

  1. Impressive podcast most impressive. Was cool to hear Mr. DeMatteis on the podcast. The one I’m probably the most interested in would be wisdom. It kind of reminds me of the Dresden files. Though in the old West and not in modern day. Sounds kind of cool. The others don’t somebody did a kind of interesting. Next to that my second favorite one would probably be the one that’s kind of a detective story with Frankenstein’s monster. Kind of Frankenstein of 20 1B Baker Street. NLS at the address but close enough. The intimate looks cool. But, I’m guessing the story will be that any man is a clone project. And that there is universal the future our present day trying to take over using the sky to make their power base. And he will probably be the monster clone is featured on the cover. That way you have the pretty lively as in any man. Actual hero being the ugly truth. And most of the people who comical probably be behind any man. Since people sometimes do find it easier to get behind the pretty lie, then the ugly truth they don’t want to accept.

    So that’s my guess is where that’s going. So basically that one and Edward gloom kind of the ones that I leaning towards the most. That was cool. If I see a medic venture somewhere probably pick them up. Was pretty cool hearing insight on how Mr. DeMatteis. Writes stories. To be honest I’ve ever had my story going to different direction than originally planned. But then again I’ve only written fanfiction so there’s that. Had one cover published it be book once long time ago. But, that was a drawing. When writing attended just do where I have the ending and beginning and try to figure out what the heck out of posted to get there. If there at the destination be a pain. I mean the route to set the stage. It is interesting to hear that the way he gets to it sometimes doesn’t lead where he originally planned. I did enjoy his death cartoon that he made for DC comics. Where they have the pager come up with that one last great painting before death takes them. And she saves the painting from the fire. It is cool to hear that he had the idea for general glory for a while. Though I am glad that once started putting them in the comic. He achieved his personality from just a joke on Capt. America.

    And he did have a pretty cool run on the comic. I didn’t read much of his run of Dr. fate. But, from what I did read I enjoyed. It is pretty cool and all are able to do the sitdown interviews with the creators. It’s interesting to hear their thought process on creating comics. Any rate can’t wait to hear the next podcast.

  2. Great episode, really enjoyed hearing from JD and what he is working on now. Thanks for rushing this out so, I was able to order my autographed collection yesterday. First time using Kickstarter, pledging was a good experience and I am interested in seeing what other projects are out there You and JD may be costing me some money! Just kidding, its always cool for us to support artists and their new work, not just the classics.

  3. Ok let’s do it unofficially:

    If this were the voting platform, and basing yourself on the description of the premise and the art you may have seen alone, WHICH DeMultiverse series would you like to see go forward?

    1. I love the idea of Anyman with all the twists, while Wisdom sounds intriguing. Layla is maybe too sad, I’ve never got over the kids in the Narnia stories turning out to be dead! Godsend may win for the accidental pun, and some Dickery is always super. OK, you asked me to plump for one… Anyman!

  4. Thanks for a brilliant episode, which I managed to get to after the Kickstarter ended. Oh well, I shall buy the trade when it’s generally available, and hopefully the extra book, Edward Gloom, which sounds likely to be my favourite.

    It’s so great to hear JMD, he’s such a generous spirit. Any chance of a JLI Meanwhile episode with him talking his Dr Fate series with Shawn McManus?

  5. Thanks for the interview it was great to hear from JMD so soon after the last time he was on the show which was OVER 5 years ago?, oh yeah compressed time for me in catching up.

    I was almost about commit to the Kickstarter but then Paul Cornell’s Saucer Country appeared on another crowd funder and well the Demultiverse was fully funded at this stage so … Sorry I’ll have to pick the Demultiverse up later on if I can.

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