JLUCast 12 Image Gallery

Images from "The Savage Time" Part 1

A strange energy surge erases the Watchtower from existence!

Flash violates the new regime's "defacing public property" laws.

"Whose hand is that?" This picture says it all!

Bat-Xenomorph doesn't remember his time-tossed teammates!

Definitely Dick and Barbara on the right. Probably Tim on the front left, but is that Clayface's "daughter" Annie behind him?

The League's psychedelic trip through time...which Cindy doesn't care for.

Jeb Stuart and Haunted Tank cameo?

The new Fuehrer, Vandal Savage. At least he's got better facial hair.

J'onn finds the War Wheels are run by transistors...and not shown, 3 AA batteries.

Destiny forces Diana to meet Steve Cany...er...Trevor.

Hitler on ice!

WAHOOO!!! This Commando is Howling in pain! And so are Marvel's lawyers!

How irritating is it when your phone runs out of juice? Imagine being GL here.

Images from "The Savage Time" Part 2

The League helps D-Day in reverse. Sgt. Fury again!

Superman cuts lose and heat zaps some Nazis!!!

The Blackhawks join the League in killing some Nazis!

This looks...familiar.

Blackhawk gets a great visual moment!

Nick Fury...again, and in the middle, DC's Unknown Soldier!

The Blackhawks consist of their leader, Olaf, Hendricksen and Andre. The rest were Chop-Chopped.

Vandal Savage sent his past self an early 2000s laptop! He would have conquered the world in a week if not for dial-up.

Steve kisses Diana...and she likes it!

Stop a bullet cold, make the Axis fold...

Rock picks up a dropped live grenade and blows up a Nazi bunker! Now that's a MAN!

The War Wheels are coming! The War Wheels are coming!

Images from "The Savage Time" Part 3

Diana saves Steve and Ernst like a BOSS.

Rob and Chris want a Blackhawk Island playset. I'll even take an Imaginext one!

Diana learns from the benign Ernst, that not all Germans are bad.

It took the final two episodes of this season, but look, Superman showed up for work!

The Blackhawks get the job done!

Flying wings loaded with secret advanced weaponry and headed for an attack on America...seems...familiar...

Go West, young Flash.

GL speeds toward the enemy plane, and stows away...again...seems...familiar.

Rock, Bulldozer, Ice Cream Soldier and Wildman stay behind to mop up the grounded Axis!

Vandal Savage blasts GL with his Iron Major-like Nintendo Power Glove. Electricity is EVIL!!!

Flash brought the Navy to a dog fight. Good move!

Hawkgirl saves her man just in time!



Steve finds his angel once more.




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