JLUCast 13 Image Gallery

The Brain Critters of Endor marvel at the Justice League's successful attempt to keep Hoth from crashing into them!

GL uses his ring to make... (GASP!) ring constructs!!!

Flash is sent on a Turbo Man-like quest for DJ Rubba Ducky!

The Kents welcome an anxious J'onn into their home.

Easter Eggs-a-plenty: Streaky the Super Cat, Wile E. Coyote and J'onn's old Silver Age sidekick, Zook.

More ring constructs, and Chris' favorite Power Action Feature.

We learn young Clark was quite a scamp, necessitating the use of lead foil to keep him from peeking at his Christmas presents!

More Easter Eggs on the alien world, including Swamp Thing!

Cindy's favorite Ultra-Humanite and Flash bury the hatchet in order to revive DJ Rubba Ducky for the kids.

Hey Shag! JLI reference!!!

The sophisticated Humanite enjoys a simple aluminum Christmas.

Does alien armpit count as mistletoe here?

J'onn's Christmas gift.


One response to “JLUCast 13 Image Gallery

  1. Ultra-Humanite. Sheesh, that guy. The show doesn’t explain his deal, at all, does it? We comics people know about the Golden Age villain and that his brain was transplanted into a mutated ape, but the show doesn’t want to address that, except … maybe they do? About the aluminum Christmas tree: “I had one just like it when I was –” and he stops himself. He could have just finished the sentence: “a child” or “little”. On the other hand, maybe he was going to say “a boy” or “a girl”, but can’t pin down which it was, due to the brain-swaps. That’s from the comics: Ultra got to the point of no longer remembering his original human body! (Hey, comic connection for ya, I guess!)

    Wonderful voice work on Ultra-Humanite. That mid-Altantic accent does a great job of evoking 1930s/1940s movies. When he was speaking, was Cindy making yummy sounds?

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