JLUCast 15 Image Gallery

Images from Justice League "Tabula Rasa", Part One

SOOOO Superman!

Lex stops by the office...

...but Mercy isn't about to go back to being his lapdog now that SHE'S in charge!

Of course, ol' Lex can be pretty persuasive sometimes...

Lex finds his old employee Ivo dead, and meets the family.

J'onn is overwhelmed by the psychic selfishness of humanity.

Amazo is a pretty quick learner!

Lex tells Amazo a sob story about how the mean ol' Justice League took away his city.

Coming this fall to CBS! He's an earnest lawman from the country, learning how to operate in the big city, and deal with his grizzled, no-nonsense partner! Don't miss "Hilljack and McGruff!!!"

NOW I know how my Justice League figures get knocked over all the time!!!

Superman and Amazo prepare to play "Pin the Tail on the Donkey".

One-Man Justice League!

Super-throwdown in the house!

Images from "Tabula Rasa" Part Two

Batman's got a pocket full of Kryptonite. Cue the Spin Doctors.

Lex pulls a Tony Stark! Does that make Mercy Pepper Potts?

J'onn acts like Bigfoot and runs away from people!

Lex refuses to let Mercy think SHE'S helping HIM.

This GL trick is pretty cool!

The heroes find the missing instructions to the Amazo action figure.

Amazo picked up more than just super speed from the Flash...

J'onn learns humans aren't all bad. Just mostly.

Flash helps Supes recover from the dreaded 7-Layer Burrito Revenge.

Electricity is EVIL!!!

Amazo scans J'onn...

...and using his telepathic powers, learns Lex is a right D-bag...

...who proceeds to blow his head clean off.

Lex cries like a little bee-yotch

Done with humanity, Amazo goes gold, and ascends.

You can never have enough of Superman picking Lex up by the collar.

Mercy unfriends Lex.


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