JLUCast 18 Image Gallery

Images from "Hearts and Minds" Part 1

The shocking deaths of Big Head and Wolfman Green Lanterns (Hey, old kid habits die harder than these guys)!

A beat-up Kilowog is a sign the League is in for some serious $#!+!

Deadlier than Darkseid! More dangerous than Despero! The Angry Landlady!!!

Despero commands thousands of followers with his Freddie Mercury impression!

A young awkward, outcast Despero met the Flame of Py'Tar and found purpose...but was it the Flames' purpose?

Katma is a complex lady. First she greets her old beau John like this...

...then THIS!

Big D releases the power of his Mind-Scrubbing Bubbles!


Images from "Hearts and Minds" Part 2

Reunited...and it feels so good.

Katma tries to help John out with his (ouch!) Emerald Impotence. I think that was also the name of the story line after "Emerald Twilight"

Radocko just wants to be on the winning side. What a fair weather fan!

Hawkgirl already knows John is more than just a "fancy ring".

The VERY creepy scene where an obviously lecherous Despero pulls out an immobile Hawkgirl's wing. Ugh.

Despero begins to mindwipe Hawkgirl...

...as John struggles to call his ring to him to save her.

That fist-pumping moment, or "How John Got His Groove Back".

Maybe Despero and Draaga need to form some support group for characters who get Justice League tattoos the hard way?

J'onn merges with the Flame of Py'Tar, gets a third eye, and starts prophesizin'!

The Kalanorians give up their war-like ways and embrace the true nature of the Py'Tar. Or, J'onn 3:16 (that joke never gets old!).

The Py'Tar reverts to its uncorrupted form of a tree...and Smokey The Bear suddenly feels confused and useless.

The Py'Tar claims its false prophet, and he couldn't be happier.

Despero sees the light, but his soldiers get a bum rap, becoming floating forests.

Shifflet thinks it's a miracle that the once desert planet is now a lush paradise, but Spock...er...J'onn tells him it's just all-natural.

Hawkgirl and GL sitting in a tree (of Py'Tar)...