JLUCast 20 Image Gallery

Images from Superman: The Animated Series' "The Hand of Fate"

You shouldn't believe everything you read on your tablet.

Karkull looks like Phantasm ate some extra juicy earthworms!

Superman really dislikes it when guests don't wipe their..tendrils before entering his city.

Superman leads Karkull right to his home office!

The REAL hero of the episode: Doris, AKA Rainsong. You go girl. Haters gonna hate.

Superman argues that he needs Fate's help...and that Kent should lay off the guyliner. Or manscara.

THIS Inza doesn't take kindly to Kent shirking his duty. Make up your multiversal mind, woman!

Those bits flying around USED to be Ron Troupe. Now how is THAT supposed to heal?

Magic hands!!!

With new Fate Diswashing Liquid, the demons just wipe away clean! No soul residue!!!

Superman should have bent the helmet a little, just to give Kent crap for being wishy-washy.

Images from Justice League's "The Terror Beyond" Parts 1 and 2

Grundy CRUSH puny army men....

...and Inza's entire snack tray!!!

Defenders, Assemble! Or whatever Defenders do. I guess Inza is Clea.

Back when Grundy had soul...despite it being pretty dark!

Thunderbolt Porkins ain't happy with the long underwear types...

...and neither is Queen Mera!!!

The JL Defenders recreate the cover of "Dark Side of the Moon".

Did Fate transport our heroes to the Snyderverse? Everyone is destruction happy with historical monuments!

Hey, turns out Hawkgirl's mace IS magic! Way to keep that buried until mid-season 2!

"Icthultu, I came to bargain".

Don't you hate it when someone leaves the tub running?

Coming soon to Derek's D&D sessions!

Birdnose save Grundy. Grundy save Birdnose.

Right before Derek's favorite line...(and ours)!

Aquaman's trident works like Flex-Seal! Hey, turn a screen door into a boat next!

The beautiful mind of Icthultu.

How cool is THAT?

Hawkgirl finishes what Grundy started.

Shayera tells Grundy what he needs to hear, despite herself.





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