JLUCast 21: “Eclipsed”

The Heart of Darkness diamond is unleashed on the world, passing from person to person, possessing them all with one goal in mind: obliterate mankind. Can the Justice League stop it, or will its power eclipse them as well? As if that wasn’t enough, Flash’s decision to go commercial catches the ire of talk show host Glorious Gordon Godfrey, who attempts to turn the world against its heroes! Join Cindy and Chris as they take a look at the DCAU’s take on Eclipso!

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Clip credits:

Clips from Justice League “Eclipsed”, music by Kristopher Carter, theme by Lolita Ritmanis

8 responses to “JLUCast 21: “Eclipsed”

  1. I don’t think there’s a bigger gulf between how goofy a character looks vs. how effective they are as a character than Eclipso. His costume is completely absurd (DARK ELF!) and yet his power set and overall badasser-y is high. I love how he looks in this episode as rendered by Timm and Co.

    Cindy, I will let you know I get a lot of action (and not the Superman kind) and I was still shocked how randy you sounded on the last episode. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the banter–I could HEAR Chris turn red–and hope it continues. The network needs more sexy content!

    1. Good point Rob on Eclipso’s look. I guess that’s why Bart Sears gave him a trench coat…although they kept the weird elfin hat.

      And don’t encourage Cindy, please. The red glow from my face is liable to scramble our microphone!!!

  2. Impressive pod cast. Most impressive. This was a fun episode. I wasn’t the biggest Eclipso fan. But, this show used him well. Ah Bob the goons voice actor. I saw him in a lot of stuff as a kid. He was pretty good. Though I mostly use to mix him up with Robert Englund . Though I liked this guy as Bob and in Conan. And he was good in this. As was the Flash. And the bit with Flash and Green Lantern was funny. The Story was fun. And I liked the Flash. Hey Mo Fear did fine as a an actor. After the chemercesls. He almost got the part of Captain Marvel… But, Marvel thought he was to Male gasy. So they opted to higher the less Male gassy Brie Larson.

    Which annoyed Mo Fear he shaved for the part and every thing. As was gonna ware the Ms. Marvel 70s costume. Try to get that image out of your mind. 😀 Can’t wait to hear the next pod cast.

  3. My thoughts on these episodes is almost exactly the same. Most of the story was ok, until Flash has to fight the eclipsed League single-handedly. That whole part is amazing, and gives Flash a spotlight (no, not the trick he used at the end) for his powers and wits to win the day. Great fun!

    I guess your podcast listeners need a return to basics, and Cindy just needs to go back to punching Chris. They can’t handle change. Thanks, Franklins!

  4. Got my comment in good and early this time!

    I wonder if the serpent men are a callback, deliberately or otherwise, to the Serpent-men in Conan. Also shared with Lovecraft for that perfect connection between the last two episodes.

  5. For you and me, sure, a gaudy costume isn’t likely to be something we have ready at any time, but we don’t live in a superhero universe, where ya never know when you might get powers from the littlest random thing. Maybe if I were a DC multiverse resident, it might make sense to have at least one super-suit always handy for when the occasion comes up.

    Some six years after this episode aired, action figure maker Mattel made a six-figure box set themed around “Eclipsed.” It had Flash, four Leaguers corrupted via the diamond shards, and lastly, a character mislabeled on the package. The box calls him Eclipso, but it’s really Ophidian-possessed General McCormick dressed colorfully. Oh well, I guess you’re just not always gonna get a character’s correct name on their action figure package — Captain Marvel being perhaps the best-known example.

  6. While the Timm & Co always put their own spin on the characters used in the show, I was surprised at how much they deviated from Eclipso’s origin in the comics. They kept the possession angle and the use of the Black Heart crystals, but pretty much everything else is original to the show. Given how well they always retained the essential qualities of a character, keeping them linked to their comic book versions, the changes made to Eclipso always seemed odd.

    That isn’t a complaint by any stretch because I really liked this story with its blending of horror and comedy elements. And, as a big Wally West fan, I loved how the Flash plays such a crucial role in the resolution. This is definitely one of his top shining moments in the series, almost up there with his outsmarting Batman in “A Better World.”

    Thanks for another great episode, guys!

    One final comment: If it just me or is last episode now THAT much hotter because Cindy didn’t realize how much smoldering sexual tension she was bringing to the discussion?

    Just me? Okay.

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