JLUCast 22 Image Gallery

Images from “Hereafter” Part 1

Go to all that trouble to print a logo on a table, then just scratch it up. These guys are EVIL.

Where are those Radio Shack Whiz Kids when you need them?

As Toyman said, “Superman go bye-bye!”.

Hey, Kyle Rayner exists! Oh, and look there’s Tim Drake! Robin did make it onto Justice League/JLU!

The guy on the far right is having the same reaction as Chris and Cindy. No, just…no.

The Kents blow their cover by walking up front in the funeral procession. Wouldn’t Lois question that?

Because no one demanded it…Lobo.

This image captures our feelings on Lobo pretty well.

Images from “Hereafter” Part 2

Alien world, or something far more familiar? Hmm…

Superman Beyond Thunderdome!

Clark puts that farmboy work ethic to good use.

It might not quite pass Logic Lass’ reality check, but it sure looks cool to see Superman forge a sword!

Part Conan, part Thor, Superman meets some applicants for the Legion of Mutated Pets.

Superman breaks up the Call of the REALLY Wild pack.

“They blew it up! God, damn you! Damn you all to hell!!!”

“I think I murdered your friend here. No wait, it was over there.”

He’s got the touch. He’s got the power. When all hell’s breaking lose, he’ll be right at the eye of the storm.

Savage deserved that handshake just for his speech alone.

Reunited, and it feels so good.

The timeline changed, a content Savage fades away.