JLUCast 23 Image Gallery

Images from “Secret Society” Part 1

The two Johns butt heads…literally.

Love is in the air of a very roomy SUV.

Welcome to the Secret Society! I can’t imagine what’s in that “new members” basket!

Grodd tries to impress Shade with his selection of streaming channels.

“Hawkgirl smash!” doesn’t seem to be working out for her much these days…

John made a giant with his ring! When did he upgrade from “bubbles”?

Before and after…and after about 2 seconds of thought, Shade is just fine with that.

It’s everyone’s favorite muck monster that Batman is unusually cruel to, Clayface!

The League breaks up! Grodd is the Yoko of the group.

Images from “Secret Society” Part 2

Flash pulls a Batman and interrogates a thug via attempted murder.

Come on down to Kal’s House of Wings! Get ’em extra hot! Oh, and check out Zeta over there.

The great switcheroo!

So… if J’onn is disguised as Clayface…wouldn’t it have been better to reveal that HERE?

Grodd takes over the “Ultra Bowl” to show off his Justice League figure collection. Start a YouTube channel, dude!

Lil’ Chris Franklin sez “Get em.”

The Challenge of…

the not-so-Super-Friends (at least this week)!

Why does Sinestro’s construct feel pain?

Don’t send a Superman to do a Wonder Woman’s job!

Seconds before the field goal heard ’round the world.

The rushed, not so happy ending.

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