JLUCast 24 Image Gallery

Images from “Wild Cards” Part 1

The Joker has his own streaming service. Why not? Everyone else does!

The Vegas strip is cleared…except for one determined old lady!!!

Royal Flush Gang GO!!!

The out-of-costume gang looks familiar…and sound familiar!!!

Is the Joker overwhelmed by his streaming choices?

Flash wishes he hadn’t skipped Bomb Diffusing Class.

Joker picks up on the sexual tension between GL and Hawkgirl. Ace…well, she always looks like that.

Luckily, GL didn’t skip Bomb Diffusing Class, but now he’s too late…

…so all he can do is protect his lady, and hope for the best.

Now THIS is a cliffhanger!

Images from “Wild Cards” Part 2

Shayera uses her Magic Mace to prove Electricity ISN’T Evil!!!

Harley isn’t too happy with the creepy accusations Bats made against Mister. J.

“Exploding bomb. Coming thru. One side please.”

Superman finally takes 10 down. Booyah.

Are you feeling a bit crazy? Or Crazier?

Nightmare fuel for the kiddie set!


Face it John, you hit the jackpot!!!

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