JLUCast 3 Image Gallery

Images from Justice League “The Enemy Below” Part One

GL cuts a ship in half! Cool visual, as Rob points out.

Aquaman meets the League, and they are far from Super Friends!

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Oh wait, Mera has the crown…

GL pulls a Peter Parker.

Aquaman down.

Luckily Bruce brought the Bat-Bacta Tank!

Hey John, just be glad he didn’t do this in Part Two!!!

Batman has a private little chat with Deadshot.

Who’s betraying who?

Images from Justice League “The Enemy Below” Part Two

Orm gets real handsy, real quick.

Justice League makes it official: Redheads prefer maces.

The creators are playing with us here for a second. He can’t do THAT, can he?

Father and son slide toward their doom. Notice the increasingly red hues.

Family reunion…

…at a price.

Hook hand done right!

Free Willy style!

Aquaman listens to some old school death metal in his down time.

How was this NOT an action figure?

Orm makes like Christopher Llyod.

Aquababy lives!


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