JLUCast 4 Image Gallery


Images from "Injustice for All" Part 1

Don't get cocky Lex. You're about to go down...hard.

Lex gets the bad news. At least his arch enemy is there for support.

I could make a reverse "monkey-on-my-back" joke, but I won't. Wait...

Solomon Grundy stronger than Superman!

Copperhead about to put the bite on the Bat!

The Martian who could lobotomize this guy without blinking stands down before a spoiled rich boy in fancy pajamas.

Why am I thinking of that classic Looney Tunes short, "Rabbit of Seville"?


Images from "Injustice for All", Part 2

Nice move Bats. Oh wait, you MEANT to be caught. Yeah...right.

Lex makes this face A LOT in these episodes. Ain't it great?

Copperhead ISN'T afraid of the guy who could sneeze and blow his head off?

To quote Dr. Leonard H. McCoy: "What is it with you, anyway?"

Flying Huntress takes Albino Hulk and goth Howard Stern into space.

Joker is keeping that "Rabbit of Seville" vibe going. This is on a KIDS CARTOON!!!

Cheetah was supposed to be put down after this scene, but an animation goof saved her!

Wonder Twin powers, ACTIVATE! Form of fan service! Shape of a sight gag!

Again...this is on a KIDS CARTOON!!!

Teamwork...pass it on! A message from the Justice League.

Betrayed by the big monkey!!!

If you can't beat 'em...bribe 'em!!!





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