JLUCast 5 Image Gallery

A cameo by a future Wonder Girl?

Boy, Hippolyta has really let the place go, hasn't she?

You come home as an adult to find your Mom stoned. Tragic.

Nothing pithy to say here. Faust is great in these episodes!

Giant Stone Guard provided by ADT.

Wonder Woman sees Superman as the lovechild of Man-Bat and a Parademon....

...but I don't know what Superman is seeing here!

Diana is only worried about the beatdown she just gave Supes. Lets' not go back to the New 52, okay?

Imagine what Faust's bathroom looks like.

A visual treat as Diana relates the legends of Tartarus.

They even work in a classical painting into the background!

Flash runs so fast, he goes back in time...

...to the STAS episode, "Speed Demons"! Computers in an ancient Grecian temple?

Faust is about to open up a can of Holy $#!+!

It's Ares! No, it's Hades! No, it's the Warduke from D&D! Whoever it is, he looks cool.

Hades raises the dead, and an awesome skeleton melee fight ensues!

Looks like a Black Friday sale in Hell! Wait, aren't those the same thing?

Faust's shocking fate. Or..."I'll get  you for this, He-Man!!!"

Hades got ugly, real fast.

Woman of the hour, with her super power...

Word of advice Flash: Don't be a pig to a lady wearing armor and holding a spear.

Hippolyta doesn't approve of the crowd Diana has been hanging out with, so she kicks her out.

What a great final shot.

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