JLUCast 6 Image Gallery

Superman and J'onn model those spacesuits we never got action figures of.

Hawkgirl and J'onn argue. A LOT.

Can you smell what Draaga is cookin'?

Everyone's third favorite intergalactic despot, Mongul!

That's blood kids. Ewww...

Don't tug on Superman's cape, don't spit in his face...

J'onn learns about the crappy living conditions on War World from the locals.

Supes is all like, "Come at me bro."

Jeez Draaga, put on some pants...

For the first time ever on Justice League, Superman gets electrified! (note the sarcasm)

J'onn 3:16! (I'm going to Hell...)

There's got a be an easier way to get a tattoo, Draaga.

GL and Hawkgirl bicker like an old couple that's been married for 22 years.

Draaga, big on honor, not much for brains.

Hawkgirl Magic Mace Meter... BROKEN.

Mongul...you just got knocked the #$%* OUT!!!

Our heroes leave the fate of an unstable world in the hands of THIS guy.


One response to “JLUCast 6 Image Gallery

  1. J’onn 3:16! LOLOLOLOLROFL!!!!

    No, you’re not going to hell. If you had photoshopped a rainbow-colored afro onto J’onn’s head, then maybe…

    Wait, that guy’s name was Rollen STEWART! OH SNAP!

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