JLUCast 6: “War World”

Superman and Martian Manhunter find themselves prisoners on War World! Intergalactic despot Mongul pits the Man of Steel against his champion, the massive brawler known as Draaga. Can Hawkgirl and Green Lantern save their friends? Does this episode live up to its reputation? Listen along with Chis and Cindy and find out!

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Clip credits:

Clips from Justice League, “War World”, music and theme by Lolita Ritmanis.

“I Want a Deep-Fried Turkey” by William Shatner

17 responses to “JLUCast 6: “War World”

  1. First, thank you for playing the Fortress trailer. Shag made that thing awesome. I appreciate it.

    So, I get all of your criticisms, because that’s your job but I just can’t hear it. This is one of those rare instances where I am so biased that when people say negative things about this episode I just stick my fingers in my ears and start humming. I did that with this episode but I ended up shoving my ear buds further in and it hurt like hell and only made you both louder, so I ditched that idea because I wanted to hear the rest of the episode. These episodes are based on my absolute FAVORITE Superman story of all time and the fact that it was adapted at all is just amazing. All of your negative points are valid. I just reject them.

    You mentioned at one point that Eric Roberts was Maroni in DARK KNIGHT. Then you mentioned Doomsday’s later appearance in the show. And he was voiced by Michael Jai White…another guy from DARK KNIGHT. As George Lucas would say, “It all rhymes.”

    By the way Eric Roberts is an incredibly nice guy. I attended a panel he was on at DragonCon years ago and he and his wife were lovely people. He looked like he was having a great time and he answered everyone’s questions, including mine about the movie BEST OF THE BEST, which is one of those martial arts movies from my teen years that I still love. I know Shag is going to pop on here and dog him at some point but he was cool when I met him.

    And don’t feel bad about not liking the episode. It isn’t the best of the series or this particular season but I loves it. You both didn’t. That’s fine. I don’t think it is quite to the level of ire I caught with the whole Superman The Movie/Superman II thing but it’s close.

    Can’t wait for the next one. Happy Turkey Day, fellow Americans.

    1. I always want to talk and podcast with you Michael, but I’m REALLY glad we didn’t have you on to talk about this particular episode. I would never want to rake something you love over the coals. I’m glad you love it unabashedly. I love lots of stuff other people call bad or awful, and I honestly don’t care. You find your joy, and you keep it!

      Nice to know about Eric Roberts, and I hadn’t thought of the strange Michael Jai White connection.

      Gooble gobble to you, my friend!

    2. When I was taking and teaching Tae Kwon Do classes, “Best of the Best” was my group’s go-to “psych up for a tournament” movie. I’ll always have a soft spot for Eric Roberts thanks to that.

  2. Another great episode from Chris and Cindy. This is absolutely no surprise as you two are out there churning out some of the best Justice League content possible.

    Cindy’s never sat through all of the animated Transformers movie?! For shame, Cindy! Sounds like Rob Kelly is a bad influence on you.

    Chris, you are probably the first person I’ve ever heard use the phrase “naked as a cheese sandwich.” I mean, I guess I can’t really judge much since there is no shortage of “quaint” terms here, but now all I can picture is Solomon Grundy saying “nekkid as cheese sammich” (because we all know Grundy would never enunciate).

    Sorry, I seem to have mostly avoided your coverage of the actual episode. You guys were painfully honest about the highs and lows here. It always bothers me when they have to nerf Superman in order to further the story or highlight other members, but I grudgingly accept it. I am glad that Chris pointed out when John has to use “a hell of a lot of willpower” instead of the ring just doing whatever John wants whenever John wants.

    Keep the good work and I’ll be looking forward to upcoming coverage of even better episodes.

    1. Thanks Clinton! “Buck naked with a cheese sandwich” came up in our own vernacular sometime in college, and it just stuck. I think it came from my friend Greg, who honestly could have been in on that big craze of southern comedians on the “Blue Collard Comedy Tour” about 20 years ago.

      Oh, and I realize we STILL mispronounced your name in the feedback. I got it in my head during recording that you WANTED it pronounced as ROBEison, not the other way around! So sorry again!

  3. Holy Thanksgiving! Well, I am certainly thankful for the podcast, if not exactly so for this particular episode of the Justice League. I actually re-watched this one (thanks, DCUniverse subscription for something other than the “Titans” show) before listening and yeah…it’s just not good. J’onn and Supes get punked so badly for not even Silver-Age level reasons, and just…ugh. However, I thank you both as always for your efforts and your entertaining coverage, as well as for that William Shatner Fried Turkey song which I never knew existed…until now!

  4. I have no memories of this JLU episode, though I must have seen it, since I’ve see them all. So nothing really to add here, except it seems funny that Superman was so under-served on this show, when I think S:TAS is one of the best adaptations of the character ever done!

    On the upside, I’m just glad to hear Cindy wants to be my friend.

    1. It seems that was Timm’s thinking. They’d done a great job with Superman on his own show. Heck, they even showed him BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF DARKSEID in the series finale. So they would use him to illustrate how big these threats were that the League was facing. But in a vacuum, Superman looks like a wuss. They course correct in Season Two, and pretty much end the whole series with the best Super-smackdown of all time, so they make up for it. We just have to get through this rough period.

      Cindy thinks very highly of you. Consider yourself lucky! 😉


  5. The Jacket and I have your back on this episode Chris. In fact, you are probably the happy medium between myself and Michael Bailey on the complete opposite sides of the spectrum.

    Also, the jacket could hear you wanting to reference the movie in your voice about 20 minutes before you actually said anything about it out loud. You and the jacket are all good.

  6. YAY! JLUCast is back! An early Christmas present, IMHO.

    I couldn’t agree with CIndy about . And I hadn’t thought about from Chris in a long time. Well done!

    Ok… I really DID listen to the episode, but it’s been a rough week and the specific instances I was thinking of are LONG gone. But you both have gotten enough of my comments to know what I was likely thinking of, so I’ll leave it at that. (Yup, me old and senile.)

    Wait, 22 years? (Checks date book.) Hey, my wife and I’ve been married 22 years, too! Whoop-whoop! But yeah, GL and Hawkgirl sound kinda familiar…

    Another fine episode, Franklins!

    1. Well, that stinks! The web page is hiding part of my note. Trying again:

      “I couldn’t agree with CIndy more about [biting observation]. And I hadn’t thought about [obscure comic detail] from Chris in a long time. Well done!”

      If that doesn’t work, I give up. Remember how I said it’s been a rough week? Sheesh…

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