JLUCast 7 Gallery


The Franklins meet Batman himself, Kevin Conroy!!!

Dynamic Duo reunion with Loren (Robin/Nightwing) Lester and Kevin (Batman) Conroy

Loren Lester was also the voice of Green Lantern/Hal Jordan on Batman: The Brave and The Bold, tying into this episode's theme!

Screen grabs from Justice League "The Brave and the Bold", Parts 1 & 2

The find of the century!!!

Flash impresses the ladies...NOT.

Green Lanterns helps Flash clean up his mess.

Flashback to the origin!

Flash goes through some strangely familiar transformations in his hallucination....

Meet the super-sophisticated Gorilla Grodd. Hint: Don't give him a banana.

Flash, you just got knocked the #%^* OUT!!!

Crisis wave?

Kneel before Grodd!!!

Should Flash be able to do this? And also, man, the in-between animation here is ROUGH.

Hawkgirl gets cocky. Imagine that.

Flash's secret move, which seems silly at first, brilliant later.

Diana stops the missile, although here it looks like she's loading a garbage truck.

Batman desperately tries to save Diana...while J'onn and Hawkgirl mope.

Let the shipping commence: #wonderbat4ever

Fried monkey brains!

The love that dares not speaks its name.

Grodd is now about as intelligent as that banana... or is he?

Scans from from Flash & Green Lantern story in Christmas with the Super-Heroes #2 (1989) by William Messner Loebs, Coleen Doran and Ty Templeton

Hey, Barry and Hal, who's pulling the next shift? Don't leave yet! Hey, guys....!!!!

Dashing through the sky, in a green ring construct sleigh, over the clouds we go, we're the JLA....

Mary looks a bit familiar....

A nice message and a heartfelt greeting between two old friends. This is how you do a Christmas story!






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